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Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little Bit Irish

Are you Irish?  Hmmm, does Scots Irish count?  If it does, then yes, maybe we are a little bit Irish.  Dear hubby is about half Irish -- his mother was a Bailey.  My mother's last name was  Mc name so probably more a Scottish name than Irish.  I always forget if a Scots Irish person is a Scot living in Ireland or the other way around.

Since everyone is Irish on St. Patrick's Day, I decided to make some Irish Soda Bread to celebrate.  Well, it is kind of like me -- maybe a little bit Irish.  Since I didn't want to go somewhere to buy any ingredients, I used what I had.  I had only whole wheat flour instead of white, so used that.  I did have raisins and dried cranberries, but no currents so I went with the dried cranberries.  I like those better, anyway.  The recipe called for Irish Whiskey - hmm fresh out of that, we'll just leave that out and add a bit more buttermilk.  Oops, no buttermilk either.  No problem, just add white vinegar to milk and you have buttermilk, sort of.

The result?
It at lease looks like some of the pictures of Irish Soda Bread I found.
The recipe was from a very old bread book.  I may try another recipe as there are several variations.
It would go well with a little Irish Breakfast tea.
The green Depression glass was given to me when I was a little girl.
The silver was in a bag and VERY tarnished when I found it.  The tag said it was from about 1929, so just perfect for the Depression glass place setting. All the pieces are not the same pattern. I don't mind.
A St. Patty's Day tea?
The flowers were the birthday flowers Dear Hubby brought to my office as a surprise.
Hope you are having a Fabulous Friday!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Romantic Roses

White roses are absolutely the most romantic flower to me.  I love all roses, but there is just something about the white ones that I adore.

Last Friday, I bought some on the way home from work and then realized that I would be gone most of Saturday and all of Sunday so I would not get to enjoy them in their peak.  I just put them in a half gallon Ball jar quickly after deciding these roses would be dried so I could enjoy them for much longer.

But they looked a little lonely.
Ah, that's more like it.  Croissants on a pedestal and a white pumpkin.
Some of my favorite things.
Even a single rose, ahhhh!
Can't you just smell them -- so sweet!
Just a few days later, they are all dried and still lovely!
A little moonlight, roses and music.
Romantic music. This is a music magazine from 1943 called The Prelude.
Can you read the title?  Romance From Les Preludes.
Take time to smell the roses!
Have a wonderful day!
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Monday, July 30, 2012

Everything's Coming Up Roses!

When the kids were little, our house seemed to be the hangout for our friends.  I think when you have three little kids as close together as we did, people would rather come to your house where your kids have all their needs.  As a result, we hosted a lot of parties and casual gatherings.  One of the things I liked to do was to have fresh flowers.  Usually I bought a bouquet at the grocery store and they lasted quite a while.  I've gotten out of the habit of buying flowers, though I sometimes cut some bougainvillea from one our bushes and put them in a mason jar.  Love that simple look!  But, the grocery store I usually go to had a sale on roses this week with two dozen roses in each bundle and I just could not resist.

The white ones are my favorite.

White roses are just elegant.

Soft and feminine!

They even look great in a simple, every day setting.

The second dozen were a lovely red.

They matched the cherry turnovers - aren't they lovely?

Red roses makes everything festive and romantic, too!

Beautiful flowers inside - pouring rain outside.  This was yesterday! It rained hard and fast.

Too hard and too fast.  This is our covered patio -- flooded!  The cushions got soaked and I think ruined!  I will have to replace them.

The wind blew over the flower pots.  These are just by the sliding glass door into the kitchen.  Another inch and the water would have been in the kitchen, too.  You can see the edge of the door frame on the lower right of this photo.  That's a lot of water! It's monsoon time in the desert!

At least inside, there were lovely roses and it was cozy.

Hope you are having a day filled with roses!



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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spring in Arizona!

Sunday we broke a heat record.  It was 105 degrees!  This is early for that hot, but it does tell us to enjoy what is left of Spring here in the desert.

Often people think that the desert means only cacti and sand, but we really do have some color and beautiful flowers.  They are just different from other areas of the country.  I still miss the forsythia, hydrangeas, daffodils, lilacs and wisteria of the other places we have lived around the country, but I thought you might like to see what greets us as we walk out the front door of our home.

It's not forsythia, but the yellow blooms are quite pretty.

This is the view looking at our home from the street.

Ahchoo!  This is what is under the tree covering the granite stones.  This is why Arizona is NOT the place to come if you have allergies!  Combine that with the dust storms and look out!

We almost lost this little tree during the monsoon season last year.  It is recovering, but has a ways to go.  It has lovely yellow trumpet shaped flowers.

We have brilliant pink bougainvillea in the back yard, and some shrubs that have blue flowers, as well as lavender and a few other shrubs that bloom occasionally depending on the amount of rain and temperature.

I have not worked at having flowers since we came back to AZ.  Our old house here had a lot of flowers that I had planted.  Maybe this Fall I'll get some more things in.  It is a lot of work to keep some flowers blooming here year round as the Summers are just too hot and dry.

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at Arizona in the Spring.

Until next time,