Monday, December 30, 2013

Celtic Solstice Update and Christmas Projects

Hope you all had a marvelous Christmas!  We had a house full with lots of love, laughter, wrapping paper all over the place and food, too!

Getting ready for Christmas certainly curtailed my stitching on Celtic Solstice, though I have made some of each of the clues.

I also had to prep 110 angels for my 2 and 3 year old classes. Here is the "grown-up" version I did for my own tree.
For the kids, a sparkly star sticker and chenille wire halo were used.  they attached a white cupcake paper for the wings.  On mine I used copper wire for the halo, painted a wooden star with copper metallic paint and used a heart shaped lace doily for the wings.
Then there were the "Jingle" pillows I needed to make.  They are Pottery Barn knockoffs.  I made red for the family room.

Blue for the foyer.
The other pillows were made other years.
We just needed a "Believe" pillow to join the Silent Night and Holy Night pillows in the Living room.
I will admit the "Believe" pillow did not get completed until the day AFTER Christmas.
And Miss Summer just had to have a tutu for Christmas.
So that's why my Celtic Solstice clues are barely started!  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  Here is where I am on Clue 1.
A lot cut and quite a few stitched -- but not done!
And Clue 2?
There are actually a few more than this done now, but they were not when I took photos.
Clue 3?
Ditto.  A few more are done than when the photo was taken.
Clue 4?
I actually have quite a few more of these done now.  Love making 4-patch blocks.
And Clue 5?
I think I have about 20 of these done now and more cut and ready to go.
So, I am really behind, but hope to catch up this week with New Year's Day off work!
A 3-ring binder helps keep the instructions in order.
The yellow post-it notes help me find the page I need quickly to check numbers or pieces to cut or units to make of each clue.
It is a lot of fun and I can't wait for the reveal when we get to know exactly how all these units will be joined into the quilt.  This is a challenge for me as I like to know where I am going on a quilt.  Hope you are having as much fun with this if you are doing Bonnie Hunter's  Celtic Solstice Mystery.
Best wishes for a happy, healthy and productive 2014!