Saturday, March 19, 2016

Happy National Quilting Day!

Though I haven't written for a while, I really have been busy at the machine when possible.

Here is what I'm working on this week.  It is a super secret project, so am only showing you wnat is under my needle.  It is further along as I finished the all over quilting on 2 of the sections this week.

I've also made a few of these Foster Care Bags that our church ministry called Seams of Love has been working on.  Foster kids often leave their homes with their belongings in garbage bags if they even have anything they can take with them.  These bags will help them carry some of their essentials and give them a bit of dignity!

It is purely coincidental that both of these projects have a lot of blue and red in them!

Next time I'll tell you how these came to be and where I'm going with them.

You may remember that I started a 4-patch project at last year's Friend's Mini Retreat.

I'll tell you about my tumbler leader ender project then, too.  Here is a preview.

Hope you are having a super National Quilting Day and, yes, that is an actual day and it is always the 3rd Saturday in March.  Happy Quilting!

Until Next Time,