Monday, July 14, 2014

Celtic Solstice Parts and Pieces

Have you ever participated in a mystery quilt?  I had not until last November when Bonnie Hunter posted her Celtic Solstice Mystery Quilt.  I liked the colors, but at the time had no idea what the quilt would look like.  And so I began collecting stash fabrics and purchasing a few to fill in.

Once the clues started being posted, I cut some of each clue each week.  This was happening between Thanksgiving and Christmas, folks!  Too busy to make a lot of each, I just made a few.

My project lately has been to finish all the parts and pieces.  Here they are grouped in bundles of 10.

This sure doesn't look like a queen sized quilt, does it?  But it is!   All but the borders are here!  Well, actually one border is here.  The blue and orange units on the upper left are a pieced border yet to be assembled.

These are the two blocks that will be alternated in the rows.

While Bonnie gave the instructions and number of pieces for two sizes, one was just 75 x 75 inches and the other was a whopping 111 x 111 in. king sized quilt!

Enter Electric Quilt to figure out a Queen Size!

I also took liberties with the color of the outside border and the placement of the orange and blue pieced border.  Of course, this could change - it's not done until it's pieced!

I think I'm going to love it.  Thank you Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville!  If you have not been to Bonnie's blog, jump on over there - she has a ton of good information and is an avid scrap quilter!

Next week, friend Diane and I will travel to our friend Joyce's cottage for a mini quilt retreat.  These parts and pieces will be going with me and there will be a lot of sewing going on!  Three friends, lots of scraps and parts and pieces, laughter, fun and food!

I'll report back to let you know the progress of my queen sized Celtic Solstice!

Until next time,