Thursday, June 28, 2012

Flag Pillow and Wreath

Last year I showed you a little flag that I had made originally to use as a wall hanging.  Last week I decided it should be a pillow instead so I quilted it and made a pillow.  The back is red and white ticking stripe.  Ticking Stripes are my current favorites - just love them!

If I had known this would become a pillow, I would have adjusted where the embroidered phrases are placed.  They were okay for a wall hanging, but are a bit out of place on a pillow.  Since the embroidery was designed to look as if a child did it, it works just fine.  This is a sort of rustic piece.

When I made it, it was to teach my daughter learn to applique.  She never quilted her flag, but instead placed it with batting hanging out and backing into a frame.  It hangs in her bedroom which has a log pole canopy bed and it looks perfect that way. Sorry, I don't have a photo of that.

You can see the embroidery better in this next photo.

It would be better closer to the red stripe on the bottom.

The pillow cover has a zipper closing on one end so it can be laundered.  This pillow will be in the loft area which is where the grandkids tend to hang out so it will get a lot of use.  I'll tell you about the ticking striped pillow behind the flag pillow in a later post.

As long as I was playing with the ticking stripes, I decided we needed a patriotic wreath for the front door.  Unfortunately, I only had enough of the ticking stripe to make one wreath -- we have double doors so two wreaths really look better.  More ticking striped fabric is on my list for the next time I fabric shop.

After I took this photo, I changed the wreath hanger using one of the 3-M removeable hooks.  I've never liked the looks of the grey metal on the door.

Here is a detail of the folded fabric flowers.  I had never made them before, but the first attempt wasn't too bad.

As long as I was in a patriotic mood, I baked an apple pie, too.  This isn't the prettiest pie I've ever made, but it sure was tasty.

In the loft area, there is a built in that holds family photos.  I added a little bit of the red, white and blue to this area.  Usually, the "A" stands for Arnold, but in this case, it stands for America.

Hope you have some fun plans for the 4th of July!

Happy Birthday America!



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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Salvage Part Two

Yesterday I shared some of the photos from that wonderful treasure trove known as Sweet Salvage.  If you missed it you can go here to see those great chippy, shabby chic items.  Today I'll share the rest and reveal what I bought.  One of the items is not in use yet, but it will be as soon as get the rest of the stuff I need for a vignette using it.  (Anyone have any sand?)

Here we go for a whirlwind tour of Sweet Salvage June offerings.  Next month's dates are July 19-22 and I heard it will be a movie theme.  Ooh won't that be cool?

After seeing this, I promptly came home and tied some books that had belonged to my grandmother with twine.  I do have one of the glass pieces that is sitting on top of these books so I may put it on the top.  I don't remember what they are called, but they used to be on all of the electric poles out in the country.  Help me out here -- what are they?

Should have grabbed this upholstery tape.  I see it in red a lot in fabric stores, but not black.

Love the script on this pillow!

Look at the crown molding on this chalkboard -- love it!

Lots of ironstone here.

What a wonderful bird cage!

The apothecary jar is hidden by the brush, but it was great and I adore the laundry sign!

Here's a better look at the jar filled with yarn balls.  To the side is yummy lace on a cone.

Another wonderful chair and the pillow with the Eiffel Tower - wow!

One of the things I bought is here.  Can you guess?  Yep the apothecary jar came home with me!

Loved the US Mint bag and what a great use for a child's toy.  In case you can't see, it is filled with playing cards.

This made me wish they had replaced the signs when we lived on Valentine Drive -- wouldn't that make a wonderful Valentine's Day vignette?

This little angel is all decked out with tiara and pearls.  Notice the ticking stripe on the chair?

These chairs had ticking stripes too.  It's a good thing I snapped this when I did as a few minutes later, the chairs and the table were on their way out the door -- with someone else.

Yet another apothecary jar and a lovely ironstone pitcher.

This was a great toile and ticking stripe bag.

And this is where we paid for our treasures.  See, it is a young shop -- established just last year!

And here is the other item I bought -- just the magazine -- I already had the magnifying glass and the vintage glasses.

Here's a better look.  It's the Jeanne d'Arc Living Summer issue.  It will be dog eared in no time!

Hope you've enjoyed the little taste of Sweet Salvage.  I'm putting the dates for July on my calendar!  Now that I've been and surveyed how things work and what type treasures will be there -- I want MORE!

Next post I'll share a little Patriotic spirit as we head toward America's birthday.

In the meantime, try to stay cool.  It was 110 here yesterday, now that's just HOT!



Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sweet Salvage

For several months -- in fact as soon as I learned about the shop Sweet Salvage, I have wanted to go.  The reason it took so long is that they are only open 4 days a month!  If you have anything going on in your life at all, you know how hard it is to find the exact same 4 days open that someone else has open, but finally last week, I was available on the 3rd Thursday of the month.  This is their schedule, they are open the 3rd Thursday and then the Friday, Saturday and Sunday following it.

After visiting The Simple Farm and The Olde World Quilt Shop last Thursday, Diane and I headed to Sweet Salvage which is located at 4648 N. 7th Ave. in Phoenix, AZ.  We found a wonderful treasure trove of chippy, vintage, shabby chic stuff.  Yep, stuff.  Everything you can imagine and some you can't was under the roof.

There are 12 vendors and one of the vendors, Cynthia, made sure we had tickets.  You don't pay for these tickets, they are on lanyards and you put them on so that when you find something you want to buy, one of the staff takes them and puts them in a bin identified with your ticket number.  How cool is that?  You can keep your hands free to continue to shop!  In the case of something large, they mark it sold so that no one else can come buy your treasure before you check out.

Here is some of what we saw.  There will be multiple posts as I took a LOT of photos!

Notice the breadbox.  It's wonderful, so wonderful in fact that I missed seeing the French bistro chair until I was editing the photos.  I might have brought the chair home otherwise.  I love it!

Love the arches in the background and the birdcage on the stool

What a wonderful, rusty, fan and a great corbel!

Loved this angel, she would look so cool in a garden setting.

Wonderful hutch and the Frenchy chair in front of it was great!

Ah, here is a better photo of the chair.  Love the ironstone urn, too.

Loved the cabinet here and the apothecary jar, too.

More ironstone and a beachy theme here.

A wonderful French laundry basket underneath an equally wonderful table with a French style chair atop that.  Vertical space is free!

More apothecary jars and a great old scale.

The color on the basket atop the china cabinet was wonderful.

Loved the wooden box filled with ironstone.

There were lots of glass cloches, but look at this wire one!

Wouldn't this look wonderful over your dining room table?

I will be duplicating this as closely as possible.  Love the hat and wooden crate with Provence on it.  Notice the ticking pillow in the back.  I'm in love with ticking stripes right now.

Remember "train" cases?

Another chandelier and wire cloche and another great chair.  Can a person have too many chairs?

This angel!  I have her in a terra cotta.  Maybe mine should be painted?

Love the spooner!  I want one!

You've gotta love old chippy fireplace surrounds.

There was so much to see.  I was on overload about half way through!  Of course that did not prevent me from looking further.  I will be posting more photos in the next day or so and will show you what I came home with, too.

This was a wonderful treat.  As we drove toward home, I noticed there were other shops that looked intriguing along 7th Ave., too.  Paris Envy anyone?

Hope you enjoyed this part of the Sweet Salvage experience.  More to come.

Until then,



P.S.  Please note that spell check was not working on Blogger the last couple of days so if I missed anything, let me know.  I hate to have misspelled words in my posts!

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Olde World Quilt Shop

After we went to The Simple Farm last week, we went to The Olde World Quilt Shop.  Between working on a couple of patriotic projects and baking an apple pie yesterday, I finally got most of the photos edited so I could post them.

The Olde World Quilt Shop has been featured in Quilt Sampler Magazine and is as wonderful as it looked on the pages of the magazine.  Unfortunately for me, the shop is located North of Phoenix and I am located South and East of Phoenix.  It is a LONG way to go so this was a shop where I'd never been.  Friends of mine from out of state had been, but not me!  Diane made sure that we went since we were close, relatively speaking, to the shop.

Even the exterior is Spanish in feel, but that's not surprising in the Phoenix area.

Entering the front door, you can see it is larger than it looks from the outside!

This section is devoted to Civil War fabrics and patterns.

The displays were well done - loved the props!

Ooh, look at that tool box.  We have one in the garage, hmmmmmm!

Lovely neutrals and you know I love those! Don't you love the ticking clothes pin bag?

Notice the rooster, there are more!

Another fine prop!  Love those Featherweights!

A lovely sitting area - the better to preview the books?

You gotta love the fireplace!  Note the small rooster just left of center lower edge.

The classroom was just to the right down this hall.  Notions on the right side, sale fabrics on the left.  I did not take a photo of the classroom.  When I asked permission to take photos, I promised to not focus on any of the quilts due to copyright issues. The classroom was full of quilts!

This was the view coming out of the hallway.

A fabric rainbow!

Another great prop - an ornate Singer treadle cabinet.

To the left of that wonderful trunk was a old, old bathtub filled with samples, etc.

This was my favorite prop with yet another rooster on top.

Love the Frenchy look of this piece!  It was not for sale. Bummer!

Maybe the mention of fruits and vegetables even in French made us hungry.  We then headed out for lunch before taking in Sweet Salvage.

This is a great little quilt shop.  If you are in the Phoenix area, be sure to pay them a visit - no affiliation, just love to promote the local quilt shops.

Hope your Monday is going smoothly!