Thursday, April 9, 2015

Celtic Solstice Top - Finally!

Every once in a while someone will ask me how long it takes to make a quilt. The answer is usually, "as long as it takes."  Some projects we have tunnel vision and work on exclusively from start to finish, but others take longer as they are put aside in favor of things with a higher priority at the time.

Celtic Solstice was started the Friday after Thanksgiving 2013 and just now the top is done.  The parts and pieces are in this post. This was a Bonnie Hunter Mystery. She has taken the instructions down, but her blog is worth reading here. She posts regularly and has a mystery that starts every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

I changed a couple of things on my version.  The first was size.  The mystery clues were given for a smaller version and a king size version.  I wanted a queen size quilt, so had to wait until all of the clues were in to determine just how many of each unit to make.

I also changed the orientation of the pieced border units. and added a corner unit to make the corner turn.  The unit used was the same as in the block nearest the corners with the pinwheel in the center.
I used the colors given in the mystery except that I used blue for the final border.  The original instructions called for green. I just like blue better, that is the only reason.

This is a scrap quilt, but I did purchase the blue for the border and a couple of greens and oranges because I did not have enough variety.  

And still, try as I might, sometimes the same fabrics were close together or next to each other.  It just works out that way sometimes. It doesn't bother me when it does.

It is a bright and cheerful quilt, don't you think?

My version is 101.5" square.

It won't fit on my design board.  The board is only 96" x 96".  Sorry the photos do telescope.  

When it is quilted and bound, I will take a photo of it hanging on my quilt display stand -- just don't hold your breath, I don't quilt that fast. LOL

This is the first mystery quilt I've participated in.  It was fun, but I do like doing my own designs.

Until next time,