Saturday, May 23, 2015

Hexie Progress

Lately I have been working on a project that I can't show you yet.  I'm sorry to have been so silent for the past few weeks.

We have also spent several days in Tucson as our daughter was diagnosed with Stage 1 Melanoma.  We went down each time she was to have a procedure.  They were able to get all of the margin and the two lymph nodes they removed were clear.  Such a relief!  She will become very close friends with her dermatologist, however, as she will be monitored regularly to make sure there are no recurrences. And where is she this week?  At Camp Surf with the Girl Scout Troop she leads.  Hope they use a LOT of sunblock!

In the evenings when I am home, I've been working on hexies.  I also worked on them in waiting rooms during our trips.  I do not work on them in the car as it's way too hard to thread the needles I use while moving.

One diamond has been added.  The rest are ready to attach.

I love how the scraps look together giving a more interesting look than just a single fabric would.

As of right now only two more diamonds need to be added to the center star.

Before I do much more, I will need to make some more hexies is all of the colors. I am using a 3/4" punch by Fiskars and all of those annoying cards that magazines have tucked in their pages for the base of the English paper piecing of the hexies.

For this size, I have cut a lot of 2" x 2-1'2" rectangles.  Using a glue stick, I place the base on the wrong side of the rectangle and cut a little more than 1/4" seam allowance before basting the seam allowance to the back.  There are many tutorials on the web that can show you how to do that.  I do not baste through the cards, but simply tack the seam allowances on each point and then use a tiny slip stitch to join the hexies to one another.  It really takes longer to describe than it does to do!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Until next time,