Monday, June 23, 2014

Random Things

Lately, I've been doing random things.  You know a little of this and a little of that, but nothing really big completed.  Well, unless you count our VBS where we had over 450 kids and 250+ volunteers during the 4 day event.  That is a 4 day event that takes about a year to plan.  We've already started on next year!

In the meantime, at home I've just done a few little creative things.  Like my summer "beachy" door wreath.

 This wreath was inspired by Confessions of a Plate Addict a few weeks ago.  Fortunately, I already had the wreath base.  All it needed was a little white spray paint.  The shells came from my favorite "beach" at Hobby Lobby.  Friends had given me a gift card back in February which I had only used once for a small purchase.  A big bag of shells was just what I needed.  There are a few smaller shells that I already had on hand.  My front door is the perfect color, don't you think?

The shells are simply hot-glued on the base wreath.

A while back, Pottery Barn had a pillow I loved that had the word "Inspired" on it plus the definition.  For some reason, the word empowered kept coming up and it seemed appropriate to use that word to make my own version of the pillow.

The lettering was created in Adobe Illustrator and printed (reversed) onto Avery  Light Fabric Transfer paper.  I do cut very closely to the lettering as there is a little bit of a residue that shows through and I mostly want to see the print.  

In the loft is a built in that has family photos both on it and above it.  I try to have a little seasonal display there as well.  This one done for Memorial Day will work through July 4.

This is still a work in progress.  The fabric on the chairs of our patio furniture needs to be replaced every couple of years or so.  The chair on the right has the old ticking fabric and it's been on way longer than it should have been.  It has faded and rotted from the sun and from being wet when the Monsoons blow rain sideways onto the patio.  The new fabric (on the left) is a bit larger stripe and also has more shades of blue than the previous fabric.  Two are done and three more are cut, but not stitched.  These are simply stapled to the pressed board base and put in the chair base. 

Originally the chairs and table were yellow.  The fabric on the chairs was yellow and orange floral.  Next came white spray painted chairs and table with a Provencal print in blue and cream.  After that was green paint and a green and pink floral print.  There were probably other fabrics that I've forgotten before the blue ticking and return to white paint.  No worries, in a few years, these will be replaced again and all will look fresh and new again!

This little bench is both an old project and a new one.  It was made in the late 80's or early 90's for use in our "Wee Worship" program at church while I was Children's Director before.  Every year a dear sweet couple from North Dakota would come to AZ for the winter.  Almost every year, I would ask Pete to make one more bench as the group was bigger every year.

The benches have been retired and the Bjornstad's no longer come to AZ, but the memories of this sweet couple live on.  I recently was able to obtain one of the retired benches and it holds fond memories of the darling little children, now grown, who used to sit and sing on these cute little benches.  A coat of paint and perhaps a French advertising sign are in it's future.

So there you have it.  All those random little projects that take up my spare time.  Well, these and the quilts I'm still working on, but those are for another post.

Hoping you are having a sensational Summer!