Saturday, January 24, 2015

Mobile Moment - Celtic Solstice progress

It has been a whole since I've updated the progress on this quilt. Only 6 blocks are not quite done. Each of those blocks only need the final two seams stitched. The yellow inner border I cut may be too bright.
The pieced border is partially sewn into "twosies" . I started using these pieces as my leader/enders. The final border will be blue, but I have not cut it yet.
Now to select another inner border and do the final stitching on the last blocks. This was last years Bonnie Hunter mystery. I know - I'm slow!
Until next time,

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bonnie Hunter Class - Cathedral Stars

Here is a look at some of the class I took from Bonnie Hunter a couple of weeks ago.  It was a fun class - no stress as none of the methods were new to me and I was among friends!

Bonnie is a great teacher - one who gets out among the students and helps those who need it and chats with those who are doing okay.  She demonstrates the rulers she recommends the students use and makes sure they are using them correctly.  She is friendly and warm.

She is out among the students, but not too busy to stop and pose!

Strips are essential for a BH class!

Some end up as 4-patch units, others as half-square triangles and others as star points in the Cathedral Starts class.  The pattern is free on Bonnie's Blog. Other patterns are in one of her six books which you can order from the blog or her web site.

The morning was spent on this block.

Some chose high contrast fabrics.

Others chose low contrast fabrics.

And we sewed!

And we sewed and visited!

Amazing how many different people's blocks just go together! The star was the alternate block which we worked on in the afternoon. Sorry no pictures of that - I was sewing!

We shared quilts we had done or were working on.  This one is my friend Diane's quilt she is making for her daughter.  Almost the same star block with slightly different placement of squares.

And Joyce's Lego quilt.  This was made from 1-1/2" strips!  Wow!

And my Autumn Chains quilt.

I know - crazy -- that is the back of the quilt.

Diane brought us to tears with her presentation of these t-shirts.  They say, "Friends don't let friends quilt alone!"  We've been quilting friends for 29 years!

With Bonnie's quilt as a backdrop, old friends and new including Bonnie came together.

The whole class and lots of new friends were made!

Thank you Bonnie for a fun class!

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mobile Musings

I have a new phone and am hoping I'll be able to post with it. My old phone would only post the text. If I tried photos, it would not post.
I got a new piece of equipment yesterday and I'm very excited about it. With these two pieces, I'll be able to take photos without the risk of jiggling my "big girl" camera. No more blurs from movement!
Have an awesome day.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

While Making Plans, Life Happens!

Yes, I know!  I've been missing in action for some time now!  You know how that goes -- while you make plans, life happens.

Here are a few of the things that have kept me away.

First we had a big celebration.

When we all get together, it is quite a party without additional guests!

Many family photos were taken on Friday night and then there was a dinner the following night with lots of family time in between.

Then there were a few projects that kept me busy.  I made bunting for the Church nursery.

Nursery B windows. These are double.  There will be a tutorial in the future.

This is a mirror for the kids, but a window for the parents who can check from the hallway without being seen by their precious babies.

Nursery A has the same type window.  This is the infant room.

The little curtain hides the collection of DVD's.

Then before I knew it --

It was time to get ready for Christmas!

Lots of presents exchanged!

Fleur de Lis was the theme this year.

The cousins love to get together and there is drama!

And a little fashion help.

And finally, last week, I got to take a quilting class with Bonnie Hunter.  More on that later, too!

That is what happened -- Life!  I've missed you, but plan to be a regular blogger now that those things are in the past!  I missed you all!

Until Next Time!