Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sew Day and Pyramid Building

Last week my friends and I had the opportunity to get together for a day of sewing fun!  Joyce was in the valley for a few days to stay with grand kids.  We met at Diane's as her husband had surgery a couple of weeks ago and we didn't want him to be alone yet.

I made Crock pot Potato Soup and carrot cake for lunch so we were set to sew! And sew we did!

Joyce is working on four patches for a quilt for one of her grandsons.

Now doesn't she look happy!  She got all the ones she had ready to sew that day done!

Diane was continuing a tradition of working on a quilt she plans to enter in the Arizona Quilters Guild Show which is in March.  Yep, last minute, but she always gets them done! And they win prizes, too!

These geese are for the border of her flying geese quilt. these are actually the side triangles, the geese are from various prints that are used in the blocks of the quilt.

We are all working on hexie quilts.  This is the beginning of Diane's.  I had mine there, too, but have a lot more done on it now and have not photographed the progress -- next time.  Joyce did not have hers there that day.  She is working on a larger size hexie, but has now purchased the smaller one that Diane and I are using as she likes that size better now that she has seen our progress.

Joyce made this wonderful bag for me to use while working on hexies.  She made Diane another friend and herself one, too.  She's been a busy gal!

Just look at all of those compartments!  She had rolled up 2" strips of fabrics in the colors I'm sewing my hexie quilt in as an extra surprise!  I am loving sing this wonderful bag. Thank you, Joyce!

I was working on setting triangles for my Thousand Pyramids quilt.

All of the blocks are finally sewn together and the top 5 of the setting triangles on the right side.  None of the blocks are sewn into rows and the 7 setting triangles yet to be sewn are just pieces placed on the design wall.  This quilt began with an exchange of fabrics almost 30 years ago.  I won't say there are no repeated fabrics as there may be one or two, but not intentionally.  I think there were six of us who sent each other fabrics 10 per month in the color of the month until we had a thousand fabrics.  Since we sometimes bought the same fabrics, there may be some that are the same.  I'll tell the whole story when the quilt top is done and ready to be off the design wall!

I need it off the design wall so I can put Celtic Solstice up there! All the blocks are done.  All of the pieced border blocks are done, but none of the rows have been sewn together.  It's on the list, but first I want those pyramids off the design wall.  My design floor doesn't allow me to check out the blocks as well, but I have decided that an Oriental rug would look lovely on the floor in the loft once Celtic Solstice is finished!

So, I'm making progress on 3 quilts.  Yay!

Until next time,