Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laundry Sign

How can it already be a week into 2012?  this week has gone fast and I've had no time to breathe much less post!

I thought I'd share another of the Christmas gifts that I made.

This one is for our daughter who has 4 kids and does laundry for 4 kids, herself and her hubby.  That's a LOT of laundry!  She says she always has a load in the washer, a load in the dryer and clothes waiting their turn.

And then there is the folding!  I remember those days, but at least there were only 3 kids to do laundry for.

The words for this sign were "stolen" from a blog that I read.  Unfortunately, I either did not make a note on the URL, so if you saw this and know the blogger, I will definitely give her credit for the words.

This photo was taken before it was wrapped.  The angel above it was not part of the gift.  She watches over our dining room.

The frame was a new one, but one I had for a long time in the "frame" box -- it has moved a few times!

It started out brown with green metallic accents.  It was no long my style, so it got a coat of white paint and some antique glaze to age it. Hmm, it is probably already 25 years old, anyway!

The words were made using an MS Word text box.  The background used an option to color fade from top to bottom diagonally.  This was then printed on card stock and sprayed with a matte finish by Krylon.

The words say:

For one day service, do it yourself.

Ironing requires 2 week notice.

Not responsible for lost socks.

Thank you mystery blogger for giving me the words to use!

Mindy laughed when she read the sign.

I hope you got a chuckle, too!

Hope your first week of 2012 has been excellent.

Next time I'll show you the Kindle cover I made for the Kindle Fire I received for Christmas.

Until then, keep smiling!



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Anonymous said...

I love my sign....but it is going up in the bathroom since the kids don't seem to see it near the washer... :/