Monday, February 28, 2011

Neutral Logs

One of the early quilt conferences I attended was in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Prior to that I think I had attended two other conferences, one in Chicago which was my first one and one in Minneapolis.  In the first two conferences, I attended many lectures and classes given by different national teachers.  In the one in Minneapolis, I had started a jacket which was finished by the time I attended the one in Milwaukee.  I wore this jacket in Milwaukee and was asked if I was the teacher of the class I was attending.  I found it quite funny, but I did and do love that jacket, although I no longer wear it.

The jacket had some log cabin based blocks in it and after taking classes from different teachers on different subjects in the first two conferences, I had decided to concentrate on a single area in Milwaukee.  I decided to take only classes and attend only lectures from Flavin Glover, who teaches various log cabin quilt classes.

A bonus of deciding this was that I became a familiar face to Flavin and had the pleasure of sitting with her during dinner one night and getting to know her a bit more than just in “teacher mode”.  She was as lovely on a personal level as she was and is in the classroom.

One of the stories she told in class was about a jacket she had made for the governor or Alabama’s wife for the Inauguration of her husband into office. I don’t recall if it was for the actual Inauguration or if it was for the ball, but the picture of the jacket was lovely.  It was just black fabrics and very textural.  I decided right then and there that I wanted to do something that was all one color, but many different textures of plain fabrics.

This purse is the result.  I still really like this purse although I don’t carry it any more.  Hmmm, maybe it’s time to make another one, maybe larger this time.  This little clutch purse doesn’t carry as much as I need to carry and it doesn’t have a handle to put over my shoulder.  Yep, it’s time to do another tone on tone purse.

Want to join me?  Come on, it will be fun, I promise!

                                Here's a closeup of the various fabrics giving the purse it's texture.

Hope you've enjoyed the logs this month.  I do have a couple more tops and a pineapple top that I'll try to get some photos of soon and post those too.

Until next time,

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Lorinda said...

I like the little clutch and I remember going to that Milwaukee conference with you. It was my first and I hadn't a clue what quilt conferences were all about. Now I am heading to the AQS show in Pancaster, PA in a couple weeks and trying to figure out the best combination of purse, fannypack, backpack or what to take with me. Maybe I need to get busy and design something that will be organized and big enough to hold all the essentials.