Thursday, November 8, 2012

Chasing Rainbows

Do you love surprises?  I do if they are good surprises.  Today I had one of those moments.

My studio is on the second floor so I have a birds eye view of the neighborhood.  The sky had suddenly turned dark and ominous looking which isn't all that common in our part of Arizona.  We are used to blue skies and sunshine.  I grabbed my camera and went outside to take some cloudy sky photos and this is what I saw --
I almost missed it.  I had the wrong lens on so only took a couple of shots before returning to change the lens.
When I came back out, I only caught glimpses of the ends.
From one part of the street I got this end.
The other end almost gone!
Just a bit remained as I looked across the street.
Sometimes behind these are wonderful surprises.
I'm glad I didn't miss the rainbow completely even if the clouds are amazingly beautiful!
Yesterday I took these photos of another kind of rainbow.
My sweet little two's and three's classes made this rainbow as part of our lessons on Noah and the Big Boat.
God's promises are the best!
*** On another note, life had been so busy lately that I totally missed my blogiversary! In November of 2010 I started this amazing journey blogging.  During that time I have met so many wonderful readers and bloggers that I feel very blessed.  You have stuck with me during my quirky schedule when I'm so busy I can't blog or create anything to blog about.  I love you all!  Thank you for all the sweet comments, questions and encouragement! 



julieQ said...

What beautiful rainbows! One by God, one by little hands, both wonderful!

Botanic Bleu said...

Your rainbow photos are wonderful. The little hand rainbow is such a great way for the little ones to learn about the rainbow.