Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 25 Trees Of Christmas

What?  You don't have 25 trees for Christmas?  Actually, I don't either, but I've decorated 26 trees so far with two more to go.

However, 25 of the trees were only a foot tall and they were not for our house.  They were for an event we held for the kids and their families at our church. 

Here is one finished.
This gives a little more perspective to the size.
This is how the "good" trees started out.
Some needed a little help from a glue gun as the stands fell off.
Here is the "forest" fluffed and ready for the ornaments.  Funny how some of the foot tall trees were taller than others.
A few days later, they all had ornaments.
Yep, those little ornaments are 3/4" diameter.  There are 25 ornaments on each tree.
This is how they looked on the tables.
This event was to introduce "The Savior's CHRISTmas Tree" which is similar to the Jesse Tree if you are familiar with that tradition.  A scripture and family discussion to prepare for Christmas each day for 25 days.
This is the size the families were given to work with. We didn't make them do the tiny ones!  The Children's staff wrote the 25 devotions and prepared booklets for each family who attended.
There were other activities and snacks as well.  What's Christmas without cookies and cocoa and a rousing game of "bat the balloon"? The red team succeeded twice in getting more balloons across the rope to the green side.  Go red!
The families also teamed up to make human Candy Canes and told the Christmas story in a unique way with full participation of the kids.  Everyone had a great time.
And the trees?  they went home with some of the families.  I had the fun of making them -- they have the fun of keeping them and duplicating the ornaments as they do their devotional and activity each night leading up to Christmas.
Now, I can get back to the serious business of decorating the rest of my house for the holidays.
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Lorinda said...

Sounds like a fun time. Our church in Neenah, WI used to decorate with Christmons siilar to the Jesse tree as well. My favorite though is still the plain tall pines they used to put in the sanctuary in International Falls, Mn -- no lights, no ornaments, just tall pines.