Friday, August 9, 2013

Vines and Stars Progress

Since my machine is busy with a machine quilting project, I've been needing to stitch something.  My friend, Julie, over at Julie K Quilts has been taking older UFO's and focusing on them which has been an inspiration as she gets those done.  She inspired me to bring out this ongoing project and spend more time on it again.

Yep, it has a ways to go to be pieced.  The applique strips have been done a very long time. These strips  began as a carry along project when I was doing a lot of teaching and traveling. They served as a demonstration sample on how to applique leaves and stems. They were worked on in quite a few states! This is my first strip quilt and I am liking it a lot!
Once the applique strips were done, I started working on the hand pieced 8-pointed star block.  The pieced bocks finish to 6 inches. I've gone back and forth on how to set them, but this is my preferred way to put the blocks and strips together.  I  need to make 17 more blocks for this setting of the quilt.
There may not be enough of the black, so I'm thinking of other ways to fill in the triangles.  Once all the blocks are done, I'll measure what is left to see if I can cut the quarter-square triangles or if I need to be creative by string piecing or something along those lines.
This quilt is using up a lot of bits and pieces left from other projects.  A true scrap quilt, except for the black which was bought as yardage too many years ago to think there might be some in a quilt shop somewhere!  I do love the multi-color leaves and stars.
Any suggestions for a different way to set the stars or a creative way to extend the black?
Do you ever have projects that get put away for months at a time?  What motivates you to get them back out and start working on them again?
Inquiring quilters want to know so leave a message about your experiences with UFO's.
Hope to be more regular in blogging than the last couple of months.  I miss you!


Botanic Bleu said...

No suggestions, Lois, just lots of admiration that your quilts are so pretty. I have never seen a strip quilt before, and I like it!

Yes, I do put away project and have to come back to them later. it took me several months to get the Franklin table painted, and I'm still halfway through re-doing a director's chair fabric. The back is finished, but not the seat. I'm having trouble getting the fabric to fit back into the seat grooves.


Joyce said...

WOW Lois, I absolutely LOVE it! For all the years I've known you how come I've never seen this one in person?? I think I just may have to make one too!!!

Lorinda said...

Lois, I really love quilts with leaves and vines butha veneverdo ne one. Yours is stunning. I often find after giving a quilt for a rest or in some cases a long rest makes them seem fresher when I pick them up again. Often any problems seem easier to resolve after a rest as well.

Lisa said...

Love your quilts. I made one once from moms scraps. It fits a full size bed. Im proud of it. But as far as putting away a project? I have been working on a crochet shell stitch baby blanket for Months now! Just got bored with it. I need to start back and finish it. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Have a great weekend.!