Saturday, February 15, 2014

Problem Solved!

Yesterday, I was very frustrated with Blogger as I was unable to post photos for you to see. As it turns out, it was only partially a Blogger problem.  Apparently Internet Explorer is no long supported by Blogger (which is the format my blog is posted in) so I was not the only one having issues.

Today, I learned that by using Google Chrome, I can post the photos I intended yesterday.

A giant Love on top of the armoire for all!

The "L" and "E" I had used during the holidays to proclaim NOEL.  Of course the wreath is the "O" All I needed to do was by a "V" and paint it to celebrate two holidays!

I have had a love affair with printed words as long as I can remember.  I found the two prints below as "free" printables on the Internet -- probably, but not necessarily through Pinterest.

Scrabble doesn't have punctuation, so pretend there is the proper accent mark on the t'aime of Je t'aime, French for I Love You.  The hearts on the candle were cut out and then pressed onto the candle.

Though I'm late for Valentine's Day due to the Blogger/Internet Explorer issue, my wishes for you are that you have many in your life who love and appreciate you!

Have a glorious Saturday! I'll be back soon!



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