Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Square Pegs

"Be kind for every one you meet is fighting a hard battle." ....Plato

A few years ago, I created this little quilt with the catalyst "no squares allowed."  This was while I was meeting monthly with art quilters and this was the group catalyst for the month.  Since I'm a pretty conservative person, it occurred to me that there were times in my life where I felt like the "square" that was not allowed.  I'm sure you relate, especially if you think back to Jr. High and High School days.  Depending on the mood for the day, you could be in or out of the "cool" crowd.

As you can see, there is a square almost dead center.  That square is quilted in graduated squares.  The title of the quilt is "Square Pegs Into Round Holes Won't Go".  You might note, too, that the quilt is a 15" x 15" square.  It contains mostly circles and even the quilting is small circles.  However, the backing fabric is....... YEP, it's a small plaid with lots of squares. The background fabric is some that I painted.  All in all, I think it is a fun quilt that makes a subtle point.  Some people get the joke in the quilt and others don't.  It's okay, just look for the "square" in your vicinity and be kind to them.

Some days we are the squares and some days we are the cool circles.  Every day we have to remember that someone else is feeling like the square that doesn't fit that day and make them feel  like a welcome part of the group..

I'm glad you stopped by today.  Do you feel like the square that doesn't fit today or the cool circle?  Either way, you are OK in my book.

Until next time,

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Lorinda said...

What a fun little quilt!