Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vine & Stars Progress

The vine and stars quilt top is still in the works as well as the stacked bricks.  Although, I don't work on this one as much.  Since the stars are being hand pieced, I work on them only when I'm sitting which doesn't seem to happen all that often when I'm home.  Of course, I do sit at the sewing machine.  It's dark when I leave for work so no sewing in the morning.  I can read when it's not quite so light, but sewing with black thread on a black fabric -- not so good!

This is how you saw it last.  There were a few stars done.  Actually there are 4 strips with vines and leaves.  There just isn't room on the edge of the design wall for all of them with the Stacked Bricks quilt up there too. 

I haven't decided on the layout of the stars.  With this on-point layout it will only take 55 stars.  But it will also take at least 111 setting triangles.  I'm not sure there is enough of the black I purchased when I started this quilt to do those plus the corner triangles and all of the 55 blocks. 

So I put the star blocks straight.  It will take a LOT more star blocks to set them straight.  Probably about 20 more.  I haven't really done the math yet.  Which do you like best?

The brighter stars work better, too.  There is a love rust on black star that doesn't show up much from a distance as the values are too close.  Up close, it is a lovely block.  It is the second from the bottom on the photo previous to this one. See?  It just disappears!  I'll be more careful of the values from now on!

It's been a busy weekend with two grand kids spending Friday night and most of Saturday with us.  We love having them here, but it sure does cut the time for getting things done down to almost none!  How did I get the stuff done when our own 3 kids were around full time?  Hmm, I even baked all the bread then, too.  Of course, I didn't work full time away from home.

Hope you had time to do something creative this weekend.

We haven't had any rain.  It's still hot and a bit on the humid side.  I do wish it would just start to rain.  We sure need it!

Until next time,

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julieQ said...

It rained yesterday here! After more than three months...woohoo! Hope it comes your way soon! Your quilt is spectacular...just wonderful!