Friday, January 20, 2012

Antique Des Moines Star Quilt

Hello friends!

I really am trying to be better at sharing before a week has past.  Today I'm sharing this antique quilt.  Actually, just the top is antique.  My dad found the quilt top or maybe even just the blocks at a farm auction.  My dad LOVED to go to auctions.  And you know what?  I loved it when I could go with him.

My mother quilted the top in the 80's and gave it to me.

It was used on our daughter's bed and she really loved it.  It did look wonderful on her four poster bed. 

Maybe she loved it a bit too much!

One day, I noticed that the blocks that were made with black fabrics looked like this.

The blue blocks did not disintegrate as badly.

I must have been hurrying too much as this photo is really blurry.

I would re take the photos except, this quilt was given to her for Christmas.

She was supposed to get this one and the duplicate that I am making for her.

I've been working on the "clone" of this quilt for many years   a while now.

The "clone" kept being put on the back burner so to speak.

My mother died the year I started it and I spent a lot of time in another state.  I was working on this quilt while my mother was in surgery to, hopefully, rid her of the cancer that was attacking her.  Even the "clone" has history.

Last night I finally took the last quilting stitch in the "clone"  It still has to be squared and the binding put on so there aren't any photos of it yet.  There will be another post on it.

It took some research to find out the name of the pattern used.  It's fitting that it is called Des Moines Star as our kids consider Iowa "home" as we lived there many of their growing up years. Another name I found was Lily, but Des Moines Star seems more fitting for an Iowa girl's quilt.

The block wasn't made quite right in the antique quilt, so I duplicated the error so the clone would actually look almost like the antique.

From a distance you don't see the flaws.

Do you mind the flaws in quilts?  I don't in antique ones -- the ones I make, well, that's a different story.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this quilt.  Soon I'll reveal the "clone" now that it is finally quilted.

Stay warm, my friends!




Lorinda said...

Can't wait to see the clone. What a nice way to salvage a beloved antique quilt.

Lois Arnold said...

It won't be too long, Lorinda. I just have to square it up and put the binding on. Just need to find some uninterrupted time to do this! I, too, love to see antique quilts replicated.

fishingmama said...

Lois who are the ones that were raised in Iowa? I did not know you lived in Iowa growing up. Louise

Sue said...

Great quilt and a wonderful way to share the old and the new with your daughter!!!

Lois Arnold said...

Louise, we moved to Iowa when Jeff was 7, Mindy was 5 and Beth was 4. I didn't grow up in Iowa, but we lived there 10 years so to the kids, it is home.

Sue, thank you! Mindy was delighted with the quilt and will be even more so when she gets the new one.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait Mom!!! :D