Friday, January 27, 2012

Tucson Quilt Show 2012

A Friday "hello" friends!

What could be better than good friends, a road trip and a quilt show?

That is exactly what friends Diane, Joyce and I got to do last Saturday.  We had not even seen each other since last year!  I know that was only weeks ago, but still....... a girl needs her friends!

This photo was taken at the NQA 42nd Annual Quilt Show in Columbus OH last June.
The show this year will be June 14-16 -- be sure to come!

Back to the Tucson Quilter's Guild (an NQA Chapter) Show.

As usual, I didn't get a lot of photos of quilts taken.  I get so busy looking I forget!

Upon entering the show, we saw this wonderful mariner's compass variation made by Kathy Zimmer.

Note the ribbon -- it is a wonderful quilt!  Kathy was the show chairman.

This is an honorable mention ribbon, not Kathy's.  I just wanted you to see the wonderful AZ logo close up.

Many of the quilts were colorful and used a LOT of different fabrics like this one by Jean Troutwine.

I loved the spinning star effect.

One of my favorites was this one by Patsy Heacor.

The women are Arizona women of note.  The bottom left is Sandra Day O'Connor.  The faces are painted and thread painted.  Patsy did a great job!

Though I didn't take a photo of it, the best of show was stunning.  I spent some time speaking with the maker, but never got a photo.  There were a LOT of people wanting to get up close and personal with the quilt!

Though I took a few other photos, they turned out blurry and I didn't want you to go blind trying to see them.

Joyce, Diane and I had a great time.  We enjoyed a lunch outside though the selections were limited.  My theory is that it's not about the food, it's about the company, so the food choice isn't all that important.

We all visited the vendors as well -- of course we did, that's part of the whole show experience.

We visited with friends we had not seen in a while and met new ones.

All too soon we needed to get in Diane's van and head home.

Until next time,


Lorinda said...

Reminds me of the old days when DBQ used to take to the road. Apropo of travel and more specifically traffic Check out the latest issue of American Quilter Mag :)WE don't go far but we try to make a big splash!

Lois Arnold said...

Hi Lorinda -- yes, just like DBQ. Of course there were usually 7 of us in our Suburban! Really fun times. I'll have to find the latest AQS to check it out. I noticed on Bonnie's blog she has a photo of a bridge that washed out. Some places have too much water and others not enough!

Chris said...

What a blessing to see this picture of the 3 of you and know I was there too and can now count you among my friends. It was a very inspiring show! Thanks for the pictures, Chris in Wisconsin :-)