Sunday, February 12, 2012

Murphy's Law Strikes Again!

Hello Friends,

Last time I wrote I whined  about  Murphy and his really annoying law.  Well on Monday, this happened.

This happened in downtown Phoenix, but the car is sitting in the garage here so the light isn't so good.  It is an old car, but it gets good gas mileage.  It has a lot of miles on it, but it gets good gas mileage.  With gas pushing $4 a gallon, that good gas mileage thing is important!  Besides it has been paid off many years.  Did I mention it gets GOOD gas mileage?

This is what happens when the hood goes UNDER an SUV.  It's not pretty!  No one got hurt.  The airbags did not go off.  We were not traveling very fast.

The other cars, yes CARS, were not damaged.  Only our little old car was messed up.

The bumper is messed up and the lights don't all work. But no one was hurt!  No injuries, that's huge!

The dents are deep.  It goes in for a face lift tomorrow.

I really like my little car.

It's zippy.

It fits nicely in parking places.

I hope they fix it fast!

So I will leave you with something good.

My lavender plant survived the winter.  I LOVE lavender!

Today I am photographing the completed Des Moines Star clone quilt.  I'm waiting for the light to be at the right place for the quilting to show up best.

No more Murphy's Law days!  I'm tired of them.  On to the good stuff.

Until next time,


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Quiltsmiles said...

Sorry to hear of the accident. But the repairs are minor and glad that there were no injuries. Keep smiling. Jane