Sunday, February 19, 2012

Des Moines Star Clone Finally!

Hello again, friends!

It's been a while again.  I'll explain what has been going on in the near future.  It's all about the change part of the 3 words for 2012.  I'm ready for the adapt and create phases as the change part hasn't been fun.

The final stitch on the Des Moines Star Clone Quilt was taken over a week ago, but it took a while to do the photography and editing.  While photographing I wasn't happy with the light and tried to move outside but it was too windy.  Quilts suspended on display photography stands do not play well together. 

I had just put a new "pin" piece on the top of one side, but in trying to get the quilt on the stand outside, the wind wanted it to be a kite and another pin broke.  Fortunately when I ordered new parts the last time I ordered extras.  This is a flaw in this particular stand.  Or maybe they just weren't meant to be used the way I use mine. 

Here is the best overall photo of the Des Moines Star Clone I could get.

The first block I made had all the same blue fabric and all the same light fabric.
Can you say BORING!  ZZZzzzzz

So,  first I decided to mix up the background light fabrics. It was better, but YAWN! Still not too exciting.  I looked at the antique one I showed you here and discovered it was more scrappy in each of the blocks.

So, I decided to mix it up a bit more.

Yes, now we were getting some where.  Much more texture and movement in the block.

So some of the blocks contained black as well as blues just like the antique.  In fact this block has antique fabric used in it.

Here are a couple more of the blocks.

And a few more.

You may notice that the antique quilt had less quilting in it.

I added diagonal lines.  I like it better that way.

More quilting is better, don't you think?

Whew!  Now I can move back to some of the other unfinished projects I have.

Do you think Mindy and Mike will like their quilt?  They've waited.

And waited.

And waited for this quilt.

Hope they love it!

All it needs is the label.  I think the label will have a photo of the antique version on it.

Have you ever made a duplicate of an antique quilt?  It is kind of a cool way to preserve the original by making a clone.

Try it, you might like it!

Hugs and kisses,


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JoQuilter said...

It looks great, Lois, but way too many small pieces for me!