Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Love Books!

Hello friends!

I've been a little under the weather the past few days.  I'm blaming the weather in Dallas (cold and rainy) and then the weather here in usually sunny AZ.  We've been colder here than Minneapolis!  What's up with that?  It even rained and hailed here in the desert this weekend!

As long as I can remember, I've loved books.  I read all kinds of books.  Lately, they've been on the Kindle, but there is still nothing like the touch and feel of books -- especially old books with good bindings!  My favorite reads are mysteries and thrillers.  My favorite books with photos are Decorating and Quilt books.  What are your favorites?  Granddaughter A is into The Hunger Games, but I haven't read any of those yet.

This is a small pile that have been decorating my home for several years.  They've been in different locations at different times -- both the books and the homes. LOL

All but one of the books are from the early 1900's.  One book is dated from the 1970's, but was written much earlier than that, just was reprinted.  The Pine Tree quilt is probably from around 1910, too.

This book makes me smile.

So do the twins in the photo who weren't even born until 5 years after  it was copyrighted in 1910, but who probably read it as children.  Well, not this copy, though I do have books that belonged to my grandmother.

The twins are my mother and her sister.  I don't know which one is my mom.  They look too much alike and I don't know that anyone ever told me which one is Mom.  Aren't they just the sweetest!

They became sweet adults, too.  I never thought they looked so much alike as adults, but people constantly got them mixed up.  I guess as family, I saw all the differences where others saw the sameness.

I treasure this photo!  Much like books, there is so much to learn from them.

Below the table where these books and photo are living right now is this little vignette.

I took the garden angel away but left the pine cones and added a little bunny.

It's Spring so the bunny seemed to fit with the nature of the pine cones and ivy.

Here is a cloer look at the bunny.

Maybe I should add my copy of Alice in Wonderland to the stack of books.

Hope you all have a fabulous day and if it's warm enough -- go outside and enjoy!



julieQ said...

Lois!! I have that very copy of Old Mother West Wind!! I love it , and all old books...and of course old, old quilts!

Lorinda said...

I have that Mother Westwind book as well. I'll have to dig it out and share with Oliver when he is a bit older. I too love books. I listen to qite a few on my ipod when I quilt but nothing beats the feel of a real book in hand. I read (listened to) the Hunger
games trilogy and enjoyed them. Not sure I eally want to see the movie.