Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sonny Bryan's -- Dallas

Hi friends,

One last item before moving on from being in Dallas.  We had to visit some places that are pure Dallas!

We ate a lot of places in addition to the hotel where we stayed.  We visited Media in the Hilton Anatole 3 times.  The best was the last night before leaving.  The waiter treated us to butter squash soup because our meals were taking a while for some reason.  We sat in the patio area and it was just very pleasant dining.

We also ate at Pappadeux, la Madeleine (twice as the first time we only had 50 minutes to get there, eat and get back to the convention center!), Ojeda Mexican (twice -- it was good the first time!), Panera Bread and a steak place that I've forgotten the name.  Those who know me well will know why I forgot the steak place name -- steak just isn't my thing.  I do know it didn't sound like a name of a steak house in Dallas.  We sampled fried pickles there -- also not my thing!

The most fun was Sonny Bryan's.  Walker of Walker Texas Ranger et al were always going to Sonny Bryan's in that TV series.  Just thought you'd like to know.  Not being from Dallas, I didn't notice that when the show was running.

Sonny Bryan's is a place designed to get you in and get you out -- FAST.  There were no frills.
The food was good and fairly fast.  It was crowded so it must be a good place to go in Dallas.

Inside the door were lines of people either waiting to order or waiting for their name to be called to pick up their food.

This is what my tray looked like.  Inside the paper was a shredded chicken barbecue sandwich.  It was good.  You could add barbecue sauce if desired, but you had to go to the other room to get it. LOL

Seating was either outside at tables or inside at what I would call study hall desks.  You know a wooden chair with one arm that is smaller than the size of the platter the food comes on, but about the size of an 8-1/2 x 11 sheet of paper.  Not a place you want to linger and visit a while.

The signs on the outhouses er rest rooms said something to the effect that if you didn't get a key before entering expect to be interrupted.  Interesting concept -- usually you need a key to get in rather than keep others out!  I wish I'd taken a picture of the sign.

This was the most unique dining experience of the trip.  If you go to Dallas, you must plan to visit.  The Sonny Bryan's in the airport wasn't nearly as interesting!

Hope you are all having a great St. Patrick's Day/National Quilting Day.

I think I'll go quilt.

Until next time,


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