Monday, January 28, 2013

Queen Creek Olive Mill

Last week on a rainy day in Arizona, I met friends at the Queen Creek Olive Mill for lunch.  It is always a treat to go there as there is so much to see!  Add that to best friends getting together and you have a recipe for a great time!

The first thing you see after parking is the herb garden.
Note the shade cloth over the garden - AZ sunshine and herbs - not a good mix!
You know the food will be good when fresh herbs are used!
Here is the area to order food.
I opted for the vanilla Bean and Olive Oil Waffle which is served with a big dollop of whipped cream in addition to the syrup.  My friends chose sandwiches.  They also serve soups, salads, Frittatas, Bruschetta, Panini and Antipasto among other things. Most things come with a garnish of olives -- big surprise!   Everything I've had there was good! Sorry no photos of the food, we had limited time to spend together so we talked and ate instead of taking photos.  I took the other photos after my friends had to head back home.
I adore the chalkboard signage.
You know how I love anything with vanilla flavor!
There are gift items galore as well as pantry supplies.
This is not a small place!
Want dessert?
Yum, no problem!
Would you rather take some home?  No problem!
Coffee anyone?
How about a loaf of artisan bread?
What flavor tapenade to go with that?
Or maybe some wine and cheese?
Plenty around.
Gift boxes galore.
All ready to ship!
Or choose your own flavored oils for the pantry.
The Olive Mill Cookbook will tell you what to do with the oil!
You can visit the olive bar and buy by the pound.
A lovely selection!
Chips to take home, anyone?
How about some local honey?
According to the sign, it helps with allergies.
Arizona grown citrus is available.
Beauty supplies
and soaps too.
Perhaps a kitschy T-shirt to wear.
Love the sign advertising pistachios -- right above the Green Valley pecans! LOL
How about some jam or jelly to go with that artisan bread? Oh, how I love these chalkboards!
Next time I want to take the tour to see how the olive oil is extracted.  Although, I did see the "Dirtiest Jobs" episode featuring the Queen Creek Olive Mill a couple of years ago.
On a warmer day, we might have taken our lunch under the Ramada,
or at one of the picnic tables in the olive grove.
Even Thomas Jefferson has something to say about olives.
If you are ever in the Phoenix area, it is worth the drive to Queen Creek to experience the Queen Creek Olive Mill.  They are having the Festival of New Oil right now, so it's a perfect time to visit!
Hope you enjoyed my brief tour of my favorite restaurant and shop for foodies!


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