Monday, January 14, 2013

When Life Gives You Lemons

For several days I've been trying to share about when Life Gives You Lemons, but Blogger was not cooperating.  I finally had to upload the photos I wanted to use to a Picasa album in order to share them with you.  This is not my first choice, but, well, life was giving me lemons.

Really, life has given us lemons literally!  We are experiencing extremely cold weather here in the desert with freeze warnings nightly.  Ever tried to cover a lemon tree to protect it?  Not an easy job, so we had to pick all the lemons.

We lost most of the tree a few years ago and this is the first lemon crop we've had since then.  Not as many as we sometimes get which may be a good thing since we had to pick them all!
Do you know how little lemon is called for in recipes?  Even lemon bars and lemon muffins only use 1 to 2 lemons each.  Though I didn't count the lemons, I barely made a dent when I made these.....
yummy lemon bars.  Or these.....
lemon poppy seed muffins. 
This very old lemon reamer helps juice the lemons.  I have another one that has California Fruit Growers, Los Angeles imprinted in the glass.  I thought I had a green depression glass reamer, but have not located it since the last move.
This was a prized Christmas present this year from our daughter, Beth.  Does she know what I like or what?  She found this vintage piece on her friend's Etsy Shop.  I have not polished it.  I love the patina.  Sorry for the quality of the last few photos, they were taken at night which isn't the best time to take photos.
So what is your favorite lemon recipe?  Will you send it to me?  As you can see, I need to use a LOT of lemons!
Hope if life is giving you lemons, you have found a way to make something sweet from them!



quilter said...

Can you freeze the juice? What is your silver piece? Gravy boat? Whatever it is, I like it!


Lorinda said...

We ran away to California to escape the cold and grey of Missoula this time of year. 37 in the morning but in the 50s by mid afternoon -- warm to us. Beside there is lots of sunshine and of course, Oliver's sunny smile!

Re. the lemon problem shor of lots of lemonade can't think of much that uses more than 1-2. Sorry.

Lois Arnold said...

i don't blame you for running to CA to see Oliver and maybe enjoy a milder climate at the same time! Have fun!