Friday, November 22, 2013

Vines and Stars Quilt Top Finished - Finally!

At long last, the borders have been added and this top is done!  Great feeling!  As I told you, this quilt began as a demonstration piece for classes I was teaching on how to applique' vines and leaves.  There are a few tricks to making those sharp points on the leaves and having a vine stay even as it curves.  I used it as a demo at the AQS Show in Nashville way back in 2005 for the first time.  While it's been fun, I'm glad to have the top finished! 

Sorry about the telescoping of the photo.  The quilt is too large for the design wall.  It is 94" x 99". It will shrink some with the quilting, though.
Do you remember that I nearly ran out of the black background used for the applique strips and the 8-pointed stars? I told you about it here.  Well, I found what I think is the perfect solution for the borders.
The blacks actually match better in person than they look like in the photos.  Can you see the musical notes?  Originally I found a black with a treble clef, but it seemed too close to the other black and really didn't "pop" as a border even with the colorful striped inner border.
But this print seemed to bring it all together.
It works for me.  What do you think?
Sorry for the odd angles on the photos.  I was sitting on the loft rail and not feeling all that secure!  It is a rare rainy day in the desert, so the light wasn't very cooperative either.  I won't complain about the rain, though, we certainly can use the moisture even if it isn't an ideal day for taking photos.
Hope you have enjoyed the story of the vines and stars quilt.  Have an awesome day!



julieQ said...

Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! Wonderful! Congratulations on your wonderful finish!

Joyce said...

Lois, absolutely stunning! I think the outer border is just the perfect compliment to the rest of the quilt.I love the yellow/orange striped star. The way you pieced it makes it look like it's a spiral. Never thought of doing that but will have to try it now. It's an unusual look and I love it!

Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Julie and Joyce! I love it, but then, I made it. LOL I, too, like the spinning star. Stripes are so much fun to play with! Hugs, and Happy Thanksgiving to you both!