Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Maybe we've already met, but if not, let me intruduce myself.

I'm a wife and mother of 3 grown children.  I am also the auathor of Pine Tree Quilts. We have been blessed with 11 grandchildren and this year 1 very sweet great grandchild.  I'm not sure how all that happened since I certainly don't feel old enough to be a grandmother let alone a great grandmother or as my friend, Diane, says, a gigi.  That I think I can handle.

We've lived in a lot of different states, but have been in Arizona the longest of any.  I like it here even with the extremely hot summers.  We've lived here twice so we must like it here! I miss the change of seasons in the other states, but the mountain views and the wonderful winters make up for it a bit. Cotton grows here -- I like that a lot!  Cotton = quilt fabric and quilt batts! We drive by cotton fields every day. The sheep have just come down from the upper pastures.  There aren't as many this year which makes me sad. Apparently it is harder than it used to be to get the right-of-way to bring them down.

Quilts are among my favorite things.  My mother was a quilter and my grandmother at least pieced quilts since I am fortunate enough to have a quilt pieced by her and quilted by my mother.  Quilts are cozy.  Quilts are fun to look at.  Quilts even record American history. As long as I can remember quilts have been on our beds.  We used and probably abused them using them for everthing from picnic table cloths to tents.  In some ways I wish we hadn't done that, but, ah, the memories!

My favorite quilt is always the one I'm working on now.  Of course, I'm usually working on more than one at a time.

Cooking is a favorite, as well.  There is an armoire in the family room full of cookbooks.  I love to look at them and decide what would be good for the Holiday meals.  The cooking channel is a favorite as well.  One of the grands has already put in her "order" for what we should have for Christmas this year. She'll get it, too.

I have other favorites which I'll introduce you to in later posts.

Till next time,


Joyce said...

Yeah & Yipeee!!! You finally started your blog and guess what? I'm your first follower! That's probably because I'm one of your greatest admirers! Good job!

Bonnie B - Quilter said...

Hi Lois: You will love having your Blog. It is really easier than doing a website, but the info isn't as permanent on it. Guess both of our lives have been hectic... you can't believe how busy four shows keeps me now. And I'm working on my 10th book and hope to get it published sometime in 2011. I've had to figure out how to get other people to do some of the sewing for it. Maybe I'm getting smarter in my old age. Grin

Wayne has trouble with neuropathy in his feet and that decreases his mobility. For the shows, he uses a scooter so he doesn't have to do all of that walking. Sometimes they are very painful. Me, I just keep plugging away and staying in good health.

One never knows these days. Marge Boyle, our Director of Sales & Marketing, passed away last Tuesday night very suddenly - had no signs of illness beforehand. We miss her smiling face.

I saw Andrea at the Des Moines show. I think she came on a bus. My Mom also came on a bus and surprised me. My sister Karen was there on Friday and Saturday and Mom didn't even tell Karen she was coming because she was afraid Karen would tell me and ruin the surpise. We spent a few extra days in Iowa to visit our families and that is always fun.

I'm off next week to teach in Birmingham... wouldn't you know it... after you are gone from there. When I get back, I plan to call so we can catch up on a nice long phone call again.

Bonnie B