Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Missing Quilt Photos

My plan today was to post photos of all the Autumn colored quilts I have made, but I've discovered that a couple of years worth of photos did not get transferred from the last computer to this one.  Those photos will have to be retaken.  Of course, some of the older quilts were not in digital format so they will need to be retaken as well.  Guess it's time to schedule a photo session.

I hope you enjoy the one I am able to post today, though.  This one is called "Fire on the Mountain" and was made in response to the fires that plague the Southwest.  When I showed this one for the first time to a guild in Florida, I did not tell the name of the quilt.  After the lecture, a woman came up and said she was very touched by the quilt as it reminded her of the forest fires in California where she had lived most of her life.  When I had flown out from Phoenix we passed over a fire that had burned thousands of acres and was still burning.  This quilt hangs behind my desk in my office at work.  On the file cabinets nearby are two books the company worked on that are in the exact same colors.  I love the colors and I love the quilt.  It is also the quilt I was privileged to demonstrate on "Simply Quilts" when that show was on HGTV.

Now I need to get busy quilting and figuring out when I can retake the photos of the quilts that are missing.  I may even take a photo of the first Autumn colored quilt that I did.  It's not lovely, it is obviously a beginner quilt and it is readily apparent that it was made in the 1970's.  It is humbling!

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