Wednesday, July 20, 2011


We make choices every day.  Some are easy and some are hard........What shall I wear?  What shall I cook?  Where should I go to school?  Which job should I take?  And on and on.  Not only that they change as we grow older.  What game do I want to play is much different than what course of study should I take in college!  Who should I marry to a Jr. High student much different than the same question to someone seriously looking for a life mate.

Fortunately, some choices are much more fun.  The choice of which quilt to work on is one of those.  This past weekend I looked at the two parts of quilts that I had on the design wall -- one on the left side and one on the right side.

On the left was this one that you've seen before.

These rows are not sewn yet and I have 6 more rows on the design wall now, also not sewn.  I have the ends figured out also since these pieces are angled.

The other one on the design wall was one you've seen the 8-pointed start, but not the vine applique that it will alternate with.the stars.  The vines were done during classes I was teaching on appliqueing vines and leaves with sharp points. 

The choice in how to set the stars might depend on how much of the background fabric I have.

There are four of the vine strips done and there will be 5 rows of stars.  The stars may not be set on point if there isn't enough of the black.  They may or may not have sashes between them.  Again with the choices.  The fabric choices were easy -- scraps!

So which quilt am I working on?  Both, of course.  The stars are being hand pieced when I sit either in the car or in a waiting room or watch TV.  The stacked bricks are machine work and until I start quilting on Jeff's quilt, I'll start sewing these together.  Well, I'll do all of the end bricks first and then start sewing the bricks in the strips together.

There are a couple of more choices to make on that quilt too.  I know that there will be strips between the rows of bricks.  I'm not sure what color, though.  The width of the strip is still to be determined and whether or not there will be another border beyond that.

Lots of choices!  I'm so glad to have this kind of choice.  It's a lot of fun.

What choices are the easiest for you?  What are the hardest?

Hope you are having a lot of fun choices in your life.

Until next time,


JoQuilter said...

Your topic is interesting. When it comes to quilt choices, I may ponder a decision while I am working up to the decision point, then, when faced with the decision, I will make a snap judgement. Sometimes it is what I have been planning but sometimes completely different. Hardly ever do I walk away to think it over.

Lorinda said...

Biggest quilt choices I have had to deal with since returning from Mexico were whether to commit to writing a book at this time (No- I'm going to have a grandbaby with some special needs. That takes priority.) Once that decision was made it still comes down to what quilt to work on when. Sometimes it is a real struggle between the want tos and the should dos.

I love the vine and leaves set on black. I've never made one of those but the vine quilts always catch my eye.

Lois Arnold said...

Jo, sometimes I ponder and sometimes I jump in with both feet er...hands! Lorinda, family is always the first choice - you made the right decision. You can always do another book later and I'd love that!