Thursday, July 7, 2011

Pin Basting Continued

I had not expected to get the pin basting done on Tuesday.  However, my appointment canceled at the last minute due to air conditioning problems so I got to work longer than planned for the day.

I am rethinking my method of pin basting on the tile floor, though.  I used to use stretcher bars propped up on the backs of chairs when I thread basted.  In consideration of my sore knees, I think that method might be adapted to pin basting as well and it would be much easier on the knees!

Here is the result of the day.

This pattern made it easy to get the 4" grid I normally use when pin basting since the 4-patches are 4" and the bricks are 4" x 8" rectangles.

It is easier to see in this close up photo.  I'm already visualizing it quilted.

I also now have parts of two quilts in progress on the design wall.  I really have to decide which one to take down as they will both cover the entire wall.  So many quilts, so little time!

Later  in the day on Tuesday, we got a HUGE dust storm.  You have seen impressive pictures of this on the national news, I'm sure.  Of course, the local news has covered it extensively.

I took this picture from the kitchen through the patio door so it's not the best quality.  If it were video, you would see the trees whipping around as the winds were quite strong.

The area above the fence is the dense dust.  It may look like fog, but there was little moisture in it.  You can see how parched the grass is and it is watered daily.  Other areas got some rain, but we did not out here in the boonies.  I wish I had taken the picture from the upstairs so you could see the huge cloud of dust that enveloped us.  Ah Choo!  Now my house is covered in it!

So, how do you baste?  Do you crawl around on your knees?  Do you have a basting frame?  Do you just have the long arm quilter baste it or even quilt it?  Share what you do to prepare your quilts for quilting.

Until next time,


JoQuilter said...

I have taken the easy route for basting. I have a local long arm quilter baste mine. Troule is, she can't keep up with me so I have to wait between quilts. I have tried a few different ladies but this one does it exactly how I want so I guess the wait is worth it.

Lois Arnold said...

That's probably the best way! I've just never done it, Jo. I have so many tops to quilt I should just start sending them to someone to baste as it's the pin basting I hate to do, although it really doesn't take all that long once I get to that part. It's the prep time that is so long.