Saturday, July 16, 2011

When Friends Gather For Tea Quilt

Tea is so comforting.  Mom gave us tea and toast when we didn't feel well as kids.  Summer always meant iced tea and carefree days.  Is there anything better than sun tea on a hot day?   When we lived in Alabama, though, we had to remember to tell the server that we did not want "swaight tay".  We grew up with sweet tea, but somewhere along the line -- probably too many years in the upper Midwest, we lost our taste for the sweet part.

Now, my favorite iced tea is green tea with honey ad lemon - yep, it's a bit sweet.  My all-time favorites for hot tea are Earl Grey and Lady Grey.  No, it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that one comes in a yellow box and one comes in a blue box, although that doesn't hurt.

I have fond memories of tea with Bonnie and Lorinda in Iowa.  Jo and Joan preferred coffee so I was good with them, too.  Tea in Arizona brings back lovely days spent with Linda L and Linda Y.  Joyce prefers coffee, Diane likes neither, but loves diet Coke and diet Dr. Pepper.

What is your favorite "go to" beverage?

Our church ladies have been having an annual tea for several years.  One year I was asked to make a quilt that would be displayed at the Christmas Tea and the ladies would have the opportunity to win the quilt by giving a donation to help with our Missions program.

Please forgive the quality of the photos.  They were prior to my owning a digital camera and were taken with two different cameras.  Some were taken with flash so the color on the quilt is not true.  Since the quilt went home with someone else, I don't have access to it to retake the photos.  These were scanned into my computer which also affects the quality.

This photo was taken in full sun on the garage door.  The quilt is really washed out in this photo.  Since this was taken, I have purchased a hanging system so the photos can be taken in better locations taking into account where the sun is at the time.

The color is much better in this photo that was taken on the design wall in my studio.  The tea pots were based on both some I own and some I had pictures of from magazines, etc.

Another shot of the quilt in progress.  You will see below the triangles don't remain empty.

Teacups were added to the triangles, but this photo was taken with a Polaroid and the color is way off.  It is far too yellow.  The true color or the background was more like a soft butter.  The pattern was soft roses.

Though you can really see in this photo, the words were on computer paper.  I auditioned several fonts and sizes before deciding on this as the final version.  The letters were then cut from black fabric and hand appliqued to the final border.  I'm very fond of the checkerboard borders dividing the sections.  

Here is a detail shot of the top part of the quilt.  Again, it is washed out.  You may not be able to make it out, but there is a fairy on the pink and green teapot on the right hand side.  She was quite cute.

And here is a detail of the bottom part of the center of the quilt showing the chintz teapots.

When the quilt was finished and bound, I had an AQS certified appraiser fill out two appraisal forms -- one for the winner and one for me.  I was pleased when the quilt brought in slightly more than the appraised value.  I wanted the winner to have an appraisal so they would appreciate that their donation was worth far more and treat the quilt with respect.  You have not control over what happens when a quilt leaves your hands, but my hope was that this quilt would be hung in a place where the winner could see and treasure it and remember when Friends Gathered for Tea that Christmas.

Isn't it about time to go enjoy a glass of iced tea or brew a nice cuppa?  If you've never had tea and scones with a friend at a tea shop, it's time you did!  Even my grand kids like to have a "tea" once in a while.  Of course, they mostly don't drink tea and have lemonade instead, but that's okay -- it's the gathering of friends and family that is important!


Until next time,

P.S. Aren't you glad my photography has improved!  Please forgive these photos!


Lorinda said...

Anytime friends gather is a good time, isn't it? I'm still a tea drinker and prefer hot tea though this summer we have been making ice tea from some of the Celestial Seasons fruit flavors. There is that fruity hint of sweet without added sugar. I've also become quite addicted to lattes. I did learn to drink coffee again when we were living in Mexico.

Your little quilt is a cute one. Great idea to have 2 appraisals and advance the understanding and appreciation for quilts.

Lois Arnold said...

Yes, it is a good time when friends gather and what amazes me is when it's been a while since friends have been together, the time apart seems to disappear. We take off talking like it was yesterday when we gathered over a cup or whatever! I have very fond memories of gathering in your back yard with the stone retainer wall -- of course quilting was always a part, too!

JoQuilter said...

Yes, Lois, I'm still the coffee drinker that you remember. I've got to have my two cups first thing in the morning while I do my first hand quilting of the day. Add to that the enjoyment of having someone read to me and the start of my day is complete. You just have to love those iPods.

Lois Arnold said...

Your morning routine sounds absolutely blissful, Jo! My coffee is in a to-go thermal cup on the way to work, but I do sometimes piece if I'm not the one driving and once it is light enough. I don't have any books on my i-pod though. I need to look into that.