Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Ornaments 2011

Today I planned to show you both the Christmas ornaments I've been making and the Christmas stocking I made from the burlap coffee bags I showed you here.  However, for some reason the stocking photos did not get uploaded from the camera to the computer!  As the camera is at home, and I'm not, those photos will have to wait.

One of my favorite blogs to read is Miss Mustard Seed   She had shown some Christmas ornaments she was selling at Luckette's in Virginia that I really liked.  As going to Luckette's isn't an option, I had to come up with my own.

Here are the results of my version of her ornaments.

The main differences between hers and mine are that she used sheet music so hers are two sided, I added a red (except for 1) ribbon rose to the middle and also used ribbon for the hangers.  I also think mine are smaller.  I sort of like small ornaments.

I am also working on a wreath that is actually from sheet music.  It is HUGE and is taking a while.  It probably won't be finished until after Thanksgiving since we are having 20 or so for Thanksgiving dinner!  That's another story!

A few years ago I started moving my ornaments to mostly white ornaments and mostly angels.  One of the first of the angels I did was for the very first Christmas Tea that our church did.  I made over 100 of these angels and they are still a favorite of mine.  The ladies loved them, too.  We had fewer people come than expected and we were surprised when those in attendance asked if they could buy the extras we had made.  We were able to buy a vacuum cleaner for a Missionary with the proceeds.

Here is a photo of that ornament.

This photo is unedited as I was trying very hard to create the bokah in the background.  It's not too bad for a "point and shoot" camera for a first try.  Well, at least I don't think so -- you excellent photographers will probably laugh, but I'm just learning about this stuff.

Do you do a "themed" tree?  Or do you have ornaments from forever that you just add to from year to year?

I used to change the theme each year, but decided I was getting too many ornaments to store.  I still have FAR more ornaments than go on the tree every year, but for several years running now they have been mostly white and mostly angels.  There are some snowflakes that I crocheted and macrame'd years and years ago, too, that always go on the tree.

Do you make ornaments or do you collect special ones from places you have visited or from a particular designer?  Which are your favorites?

Our tree usually goes up the day after Thanksgiving and the rest of the decorations go up within days of that.  The Christmas quilts come out and it begins to feel quite festive.  Oh, how I love the feel and smell of a Christmas ready house!

For the next couple of days, though, it will be the Thanksgiving dinner that will have my attention -- turkey and dressing, pecan pie, cranberry relish and always, always home made yeast rolls,  Mmmmmm! 

Until next time -- have a wonderful time preparing for the holidays!


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