Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cuppa Joe

Hi friends!

Last post I promised to show you what I bought at the coffee roaster that I visited last week.  Photos were the problem.  What I bought was in the trunk of the car and Gary had gone somewhere in it on Saturday when I wanted to take the photos.  It was too dark later and we were just too busy doing other things on Sunday for me to get to them.  Sooo, it took until today for me to be able to take them in daylight.  I just don't like what the flash does to colors!

First a little background.  I've been a coffee fanatic lover for a long time.  My first coffee collectible that I bought was this coffee can.

I don't see this brand in the stores here in the Southwest, but in the Midwest when we lived there it was my favorite  This can is quite old and has the Good Housekeeping seal of approval stamped on it.

Oh wait, maybe I bought this before the can!

I don't really use the old style coffee grinder and I'm not even sure the wood part is original, but it has been displayed in my kitchen for many years.  The butter mold next to it was from my mother's family and has an acorn carved in the "plunger" part of the mold.  I have actually used that to make butter look fancy.

But THESE are what I found at the coffee roaster last week -- burlap coffee bags!  This one is from Indonesia.

Even the back is nice!  Can you see this as a pillow?  I sure can!  Here is a closeup of the front of the bag.

This one is slightly different, but from Indonesia as well.  Arabica beans seem to be the favorite of the roaster. But this one says Sumatra and it's organic.  Who knew!

These two are almost alike, but not quite.  They are from Brazil.  (Spell check tells me Brasil is spelled Brazil.  I think someone forgot to tell the Brazilians!)  

Don't you just LOVE the leaves and coffee berries on these?

The backs are different from each other, too.

The details tell us they are hydro carbon free.  I don't know what a hydro carbon is, but it must not be good for us!

I love the social message!  I did not know jute grew in the Amazon -- now I do!

In case you were worried, the beans at least in Brazil are washed!

This one is from Indonesia again.

.  Here are a couple of details of it.  I absolutely adore the stenciling on this one, it looks so Asian!

You can see these are Arabica beans again.

So, there you have it.  My obsession  fascination with all things having to do with coffee.  Can you smell it?  It is brewing.

So any suggestions besides pillows from these wonderful bags?  I'm thinking a couple might be terrific stretched over canvas.  Let me know what you would do if you found something like this.  Oh, the price tag?  $2.00 each!  The coffee inside -- a LOT more!




Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Gotta love those burlap coffee bags! Hope you are having a great weekend!...hugs...Debbie

Lois Arnold said...

Hi Debbie! The weekend was nice and now it's back to work! I'm still thinking about what to make from the burlap coffee bags.