Monday, September 24, 2012

Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame

Someone once told me that I have the most interesting friends of anyone she knew.  I agree!  My friends are amazing women and men who have interesting lives and are very talented.

Yesterday I was privileged to see one of my friends, Diane, inducted into the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame.  This is an honor not given lightly!  There is a somewhat involved process for a person to be nominated with specific contributions to the quilt world necessary for consideration.  Letters of recommendation are also required. The friends of the Arizona Quilters Hall of Fame and the Board of Directors make selections based upon the nominee's contributions as detailed in the nomination and the letters of recommendation.  The women and men who have been inducted have made a significant impact on the quilters and quilt organizations as well as charitable organizations in not only Arizona, but nationwide.

 You can see from the awards hanging on the quilt above that Diane is an extraordinary quilter.  She has many more ribbons she has won for other quilts as well.

This is just a few of the many wonderful quilts that Diane has made for family and friends. Diane has also been instrumental in several quilts made for charities.  One of the quilts she coordinated was in honor of the son of friends of mine.  She did not even know Jeremy or his family, but gave unselfishly of her time and talent to bring to completion a quilt that benefited the Hemophilia Association.  She also made many trips with the quilt as it was offered as an opportunity quilt to raise funds for the Association.

Though Diane does not really like having her photo taken, she allowed me to take a couple yesterday. She actually said, "Just one.", but I took advantage of our friendship and took a few more than that.
Another of Diane's accomplishments is to be certified by The National Quilting Association as a Certified Quilt Judge.  This requires much time and study as well as judging experience and passing both a written evaluation and an oral evaluation by a panel of judges.  Diane received her certification last year and thoroughly enjoys traveling to quilt shows to judge the quilts entered.
The lovely trophy above was presented to Diane during the ceremony.  In her acceptance speech, she gave credit to her family and friends.  She is especially thankful for her husband's support.  When she bought a long arm quilting machine, he immediately began building a room on to their house for her to use for her Long Arm Quilting business.
Diane is a talented quilter,quilt teacher, quilt judge, a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother.  The title I like best for her is friend. 
Congratulations to my friend!
Hope you are all having a wonderful Fall day!


julieQ said...

Wow!! I am just so impressed with Diane...please tell her congratulations for me!! I am so honored to know her, even a little bit!!! What beautiful treasure quilts she has created!

Joyce said...

Lois, thank you so much my friend. I sorely missed seeing Diane inducted into the hall of fame. I really appreciate you posting the pictures.

Lois Arnold said...

Joyce, I know you wanted to be there. I have more photos, including a couple of Willeen, as well. It was a very nice day!
Hugs back,

Botanic Bleu said...

Congratulations to your friend. What a wonderful honor. She's fortunate to have a good friend like you who shared her honor with the world.

julieQ said...

Please tell Diane how excited and proud I am for her, Lois! Congatulations Diane...what a talented quilter you are!!

Lorinda said...

Congratulations to Diane! That is quite an honor. What would we do without the special friends in our lives? I cound you as among mine.