Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Little More Fall

Little by little it's beginning to look more like Fall at least inside even though outside we are still in the 90's and 100's and there are no changing leaf colors going on.  September always makes me want to have Fall around.  The smell of apples and cinnamon cooking and a few Fall decorations helps the illusion!

This is the Fall look this year for the bookshelves/TV area of the Family room.

This is where the clock face that I made here resides.
Next to it is a little muffin stand.  I may add some leaves here, it looks like it needs something yet.
Not much has been done in the kitchen yet, but I do like this little vignette.
I can't get rid of ALL the blue!
The living room isn't quite finished either.  I'm thinking that since there is no mantel in this house, the piano might make a good substitute.
Can you believe this pumpkin as a plastic one?  A little gloss spray paint and the addition of one of the leaves I bleached makes it look more elegant, I think.
The apothecary jar filled with white pumpkins and gourds will probably move to the piano. It seems a bit tall for the coffee table.
Here are a couple of the pedestals I made here filled with a candle and faux acorns.
There are a couple of other things in the works, but I'm not quite ready to show them yet.  Hope you are having fun getting ready for the Fall season.  We are still a week away from the official start of Fall, but it's good to be prepared.
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Botanic Bleu said...

Really enjoyed seeing your touches of fall....including seeing the little blue pedestal pitcher.

Sarajan said...

So glad I found your site (via Dixie 'n Dottie and their link party.) Fall is my favorite season and it's so much fun to see how other bloggers decorate for the season.