Thursday, September 20, 2012

Frenchy Grain Tray

Sometimes we see an image that we just cannot get out of our mind.  Our creativity goes on overdrive.  That was the case with the vintage look gran label that I used for the Vintage Look Grain Pillow..  I even mentioned in that post that I was having problems doing things right the first time and had messed up the paint on the tray.  First let me show you the good before I show you the bad and ugly, okay?

I have shown you this little corner of the kitchen counter before minus the tray.  I had always intended to put the tray there when I finished it, but didn't have it quite done when I showed you some of the fall look here.

When I was working on the tray, I decided to wax it, but the ink started to run a little.  Thinking I had wiped all the wax off, I tried a spray sealant and this was the result!

The paint began to bubble up.  Unfortunately, I touched it and the paint came off.  It seemed like a good idea to wait for a bit to see what happened when it all dried.  That was a good thing.  When I came back several hours later, the paint was still bubbled a bit, but was dried.  Since a vintage tray might have some flaws in the paint, I simply used a little paint and a patting motion to touch up the area where the paint had come off.
Even though the antique glaze is not quite the same in that spot, it really ended up looking okay.
Besides, since the pitchers are in front of the lower part where the flaw is, most people won't even notice that the paint is a tad bit whiter in that spot.  Not a bad fix for an Oops!
This tray is actually meant to be used on a desk in an office, but it looks quite at home with the Fall look on the counter.  I just love the wheat motif on this label from the Graphics Fairy.  The next time you see this tray, it might have a chocolat label and be used in a Christmas vignette.  The nice thing about painting things is that they can be changed with a bit more paint!
Hope you are ready for Fall.  It's just hours away now!  Hope you are getting some nice crisp days at least once in a while!  We are still plenty warm during the day, but the mornings and evenings are now cooler here in the desert Southwest.
Happy Fall!


Dear Lillie said...

Love this!

Botanic Bleu said...

I love the white tray with blue pattern.

Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Jennifer and Judith! It was fun to make!