Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Note to My Children

Hey kids!
Yeah, you guys!  Only you are all grown up now!
Just wanted to tell you how much I have loved being your mom!
You were funny, quirky, sometimes scheming, mostly obedient and most of all fun to be around most of the time.
I wanted to do everything to make your lives better, more fun and to protect you from all evil.
Sometimes I did a good job, some times -- not so much.
I am proud you have all chosen to be Christians.  I was proud of your choices most of the time. 
I likes most of your friends -- some better than others.  I didn't even object to most of your clothing choices -- except when those choices came from my closet and you forgot to return them.
There were advantages to you being so close in age -- you were going through the same stages at the same time. And, there were never more than two of you in diapers at the same time. WHEW!
There were disadvantages to you being so close in age -- you were going through the same stages at the same time.  You all wanted to use the car the same day and I was odd man out with no car!
There were times you disappointed me.  There were times I disappointed you.
I should have said "no" sometimes and didn't.  But, sometimes being a good mom also meant being the "bad guy" especially when your dad was out of town and there was just me.  I never liked that part -- the disciplining part, especially when it was hard to keep from laughing at what you did, but you needed to know it could be dangerous. And, yes, I did know you piled the mattresses at the bottom of the stairs so you could jump on them.  Not such a good idea, but none of you broke your necks, so I guess you had fun doing it.
I love you guys more than you can know.  Well, maybe you can since you all have kids of your own now.  I laugh when I hear my words coming out of your mouth when you are talking to your kids.
Well, just wanted you to know that for me, Mother's Day is a day to say "Thank you for making me a mom!"  I have loved the journey.
And to the grand kids, I want to say, "You are Perfect just the way you are no matter what your parents tell you!" 
Love you all!
Lois a.k.a. Mom


Botanic Bleu said...

Lois, what a wonderful Mother's Day post. I love seeing the photos of your children at different ages. But, most of all, I love what you wrote.

Happy Mother's Day to you...


Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Judith! they are great kids - well adults now!

Joyce said...

Lois, that was the neatest Mother's Day message I've ever seen. It's a beautiful love letter to your children. What a unique way to celebrate Mother's Day!
Love Ya!