Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NQA 42nd Show Wrap up

We enjoyed the Little Quilt Auction on Friday night.  The proceeds from the auction go to the NQA Grants program.  Many worthwhile projects have been funded through the NQA Grants programs throughout the years.  The bidding can get very spirited and lively at times when two or more are determined to purchase the quilt being bid upon.  One such quilt brought in $400.00 by itself and was made by an Certified Judge.

All the quilts were on the screen as well as being carried by a "worker bee" for all to see.

Joyce wanted this one, but it quickly went beyond what she was willing to bid.

The auctioneer was good at stirring the pot and getting people to "up" their bids.

Friends also were encouraging each other to bid higher and higher.

The group stayed until the last bid to pick up their booty.

Saturday found us putting labels on boxes that would later that night hold quilts to be picked up after the show and to be filled on Sunday with those to be shipped back to the owners.

Each box was numbered with the number of the quilt in the show and all numbers verified before the quilts went in the box to be shipped.  Each participant received a show book and the winning quilts also were packed with the ribbons won at the show.

There were a variety of boxes and tubes.  They were all different sizes depending on the size of the quilt.  A bit of advice to any sending quilts away -- buy a NEW sturdy box.  The shipping services and postal service are rough on the box and your quilt is precious cargo so treat it to a fitting container.

Diane Pitchford, the Show Coordinator had many responsibilities before, during and after the show.  She was constantly making sure things ran smoothly and did a superb job.  She has already begun work on the 43rd Annual NQA Quilt Show.  Do yourself a favor and start to plan now to attend.  You will have a great time seeing quilts, shopping for supplies, attending classes and events and meeting new friends.

All too soon Sunday came and it was time to go home.  My friend Joyce and I had such a good time working at the show and spending time with each other as well as with friends, old and new.  It is so much fun to see friends you have not seen for some time and find that your conversation hasn't missed a beat.  You pick up where you left off.  Hope to see you in Columbus next year, friend!

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