Friday, June 3, 2011

Sheila's Table Runner

A while back Gary's cousin, Sheila, asked me if I would consider making a table runner for her.  She would supply the pattern and the fabrics.  Once I saw that it was a friendship star which is not a complicated block and that there were only 4 blocks to be made, I readily agreed.  It would be fun to work on fabrics that I might not have chosen since purple was involved and it's a color I rarely use.  It was fun and really didn't take all that long to make.  It's just that I have to use scrap time for quilting since I don't usually have blocks of time to devote to it.

The fabrics arrived and I really liked them, although, I'm still not a fan of purple, these were attractive fabrics.  In fact, I love the yellow!  But then, I do LOVE yellow!

Here is a little closer look at the table runner.  Note the feathers in the yellow.  I LOVE to quilt feathers.  I had a tension problem, though.  Even though I had done a test quilt session for some reason my bottom tension was not cooperative.  (Sorry Sheila!)  I didn't notice when the tension was not correct on the bottom until after I was almost done with the quilting.  I hate when that happens!

Here is an even closer look at the feather quilting.  Did I mention how much I LOVE to quilt feathers?  It's my favorite part of the quilting on this table runner.

As soon as I get the label on the back, I promise, Sheila it will be in the mail to you.  If it were blue and yellow you would be in trouble as I might have decided to keep it.

 Just kidding! 

Well, sort of.

Hope it will look good on your table in your newly remodeled kitchen.  Hope you enjoy lots of meals around it.  Most of all I hope you like it now that it is done!

Here is one last look.

It would look better on my table if the extra leaf wasn't in the table, but when our family gets together it takes at least 3 tables and overflow, so the dining room table always has the extra leaf in.  I was in too big a hurry to photograph the table runner to take it out.  I do like the way my ceramic rooster looks on the table runner.  Hmmm, maybe I need one in BLUE and yellow.  What do you think?  Of course, I do have a blue and yellow pine burr table runner that "lives" on the dining room table in the summer so maybe I don't need another one.  Maybe I'd better just get back to working on the backing for Jeff's quilt so I can get it quilted.

What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite thing to quilt?  Machine or hand?  (This is machine quilted.)

Until next time,


JoQuilter said...

I like the Friendship Star block and I love yellow. I even had someone tell me years ago that I seemed to put purple in all my quilts. So, yes, I like the table runner. If your friend decides to change her colors, keep me in mind :-) But hand quilting will always win for me

Lois Arnold said...

Jo, I'm not surprised aabout the purple or the hand quilting. I think Sheila is not planning to change her colors. She said something like, "It's mine, all mine! You can look, but it's mine!" I think she likes it! LOL