Monday, June 20, 2011

NQA Show Mostly Behind the Scenes

What an incredibly busy week it was last week at the 42nd Annual NQA Quilt Show!  Here are a few pictures of the aisles BEFORE the crowds came.  There were lots of vendors and lots of quilts to see! And my favorite?  Looking for friends!

The admissions booth before the crowds came!

A lull in the registration booth with NQA volunteers ready to hand out NQA show bags & books for those preregistered and those coming to register.

The NQA booth ready and waiting.

You could purchase Rebecca Barker show prints here, CD's of the quilts in the judged part of the show, NQA umbrellas, pins and so much more! 

The NQA Guide to Judged Quilt Shows book was available here. (It is also available on line!)

National Quilting Day was highlighted. See the log cabin quilt in the background?

Demos by Certified Teachers were held here.  The quilt on the right has a bead to show where the NQA chapters are located.

You could learn about the Certified Judge and Teacher programs here.

Then there were the vendors!

Don't you wish you could have shopped when the aisles were this empty?

Yep, more vendors were in this aisle.

And this one!

There were special exhibits.

And more special exhibits.

And a lot of quilts to see, yippee!

There were even stunning quilted garments.  I wanted the red and black one! Of course, it was there to be judged, not purchased!

President Judy Taylor introduced the winning quilts and announced our newest Master Quilt maker, Mary Buvia.  Her quilt was exquisite.  This is not an award handed out lightly!

After the preview party, the aisles looked like this!

And this!  Quilts to see, supplies to purchase and friends to visit with.  They came, they saw and they purchased all the fabric and gadgets they needed or maybe wanted!

I am NQA are YOU?

I'll add a few more pictures of behind the scenes next time.

Until then, quilt until you wilt!

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julieQ said...

OH, how cool! looks like such fun...enjoy!!