Monday, October 31, 2011

Tea Time

Having given time to coffee, it's only fair if we talk about tea, too.

I do like tea a lot.   Tea bring back great memories of certain tea loving friends.  Some even read my posts -- you know who you are.

This tea quilt is blue work embroidery and is one of the few quilts I've done that was from someone else's pattern.  The blocks in this quilt were designed by Debbie Foley and Valerie Bowman for a quilt shop here in Arizona several years ago.  I was busy writing my book at the time, but needed some hand work for travel time.  Embroidery is so relaxing to me.  The original blocks were done in cobalt blue, but I decided to use a lighter, more country blue that matched the blue stenciled walls in the family room and kitchen of the house we lived in then.  I would make it the cobalt today, but since I've done it once, I won't be doing it again.

All but one of the blocks had the name of a tea beneath the tea pot.  Since Earl Grey is my favorite tea (followed closely by Lady Grey) that is the name I chose to embroider in that block. 

This was a fun project to do since it took absolutely no thinking!  Just thread the needle with the same color over and over and embroider.  Sometimes we need those projects so our mind can work on other things.

So now that the weather is cooler, even here in AZ, it is time for tea and maybe some scones!

What do you do when you need to unwind and let your mind wander?

Do you space out with TV or read a book -- not one that requires thinking, of course?

Does tea comfort you?  I remember my mom giving us tea and toast when we didn't feel well.  Maybe that's why it is a comfort to me.

Have a cup of your favorite -- even if it is coffee instead of tea and relax a bit.  I'll pretend I'm there with you and have a cup myself.

Until next time,


rubyslipperz said...

I LUV-LUV your teapots!! and BLUE too! Yep, this is a quilt I would love to have over me!

I do like tea...iced with a bit of orange juice (for summer) and hot with a bit of apple juice and cinnamon (for winter).

Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures!


Lois Arnold said...

Hi Annie! Thank you for your comments. I enjoyed looking at your fiber blog and sewing blog, too. Loved the photos of the sheep and the yarn spun from them. You are a busy lady!

Bonnie B - Quilter said...

Yum, tea and scones. Reminds me of my trip to Australia where we had tea and scones every chance we could. Guess it is a good thing I don't live there because I really liked those scones with creme frache (sp?) on them. No calories there!

Lois Arnold said...

Ah yes, Bonnie, scones and creme fraiche! But I like them with Lemon Curd, too. It's a good thing we didn't know about this stuff when we used to have tea after our walks! Remember the tea shop in Galena with all the loose teas? Heavenly smell!

Lorinda said...

I'm one of those tea lovers too, though I have to admit I have been on a latte binge lately. Teapot quilts are so pretty. We talked about exchanging wool applique teapot blocks in one of the groups I belong to. Maybe I'll have to revive that idea. As for the scones I got hooked on them back in the Dubuque days and they became my signature contribution to all the offices Toralf worked in in our travels. Just gave my daughter-in-law a scone lesson last week.