Sunday, October 2, 2011

Spikey Things

This post was supposed to be about the yummy apple crisp that I made last weekend, but I got to thinking about making spikes.  This is something I have enjoyed doing.

First I made this one:

This spikey border was designed in EQ I think 4 as it's been a while.  It is a small piece and I was able to print the borders out on legal size paper for the paper piecing.  The compass corners were paper pieced, too.

Next I made this one in honor of 9-11, the border was based on New York Beauty.

Since this one was larger, it was drawn by hand using a compass, rulers, etc.  It had to be drawn twice and then cut apart before it was paper pieced.  It was a bit more challenging than the first one because of the curves.

The next one started as a doodle.  We were living in an area that was affected twice while were there by hurricanes and we were only there 4 years!  And it's pretty far inland!  Those winds were fierce!

Since the doodle was pretty small, it was put on a transparency and projected so that I could draw all the shapes.  Yep, even more challenging, both to get all the parts drawn right and to piece all those odd curves!  In the upper right corner there are two green pieces where I grabbed the wrong hand dyed green fabric.  Unfortunately by the time I realized it, it was way too late to go back a fix it without a LOT of trouble.  I decided it didn't bother me that much.

Here is a closeup of the spikes in this one called "Eye of the Storm".

The latest one I did is just one border on a quilt that is a surprise for someone.  All I did was the spikey border.  Other parts will be added before it is given to the recipient at a later date.

The real challenge on this one was NOT the piecing.  That was a piece of cake.  It was finding just the right background in the not quite purple, not quite blue to go with the center of the quilt.  The center was made by another individual.  Believe me I have an absolute TON of fabric in my stash and not even one that would work!  Actually, I take that back, I did have one, but it was less than a fat quarter and I needed more than that.

So, do you do spikey's? 

 Do you LIKE spikeys? 

 Would you like a tutorial on designing and sewing spikeys? 

 I'm thinking of doing one the next time I get a day off.  I haven't had one lately which makes me sad since I haven't had much sewing time -- actually almost none.  I did do a bit of hand stitching last week in the car, but that is it!

Let me know if you are interested in a tutorial on spikey's OK?

Until next time,
Keep on quilting!



JoQuilter said...

I really like your spikes, Lois. I will say "keep it up". But do I ever see myself making them? Gotta' be honest and answer the question with a big "No!" Think I will just stick with hexagons.

Joyce said...

Of course I'd love to learn anything you want to teach!!! I know the caliber of your work so I know your technique will be worthwhile learning. Thanks in advance.

Lois Arnold said...

Thank you, Jo and Joyce. I will work on a tutorial or maybe 3 since there were different methods used on the spikeys shown. Curved is a whole different aspect than straight lines, even though the spikes themselves are straight!

Myric said...

Thanks for sharing a thought. I love thyme. I put it in almost everything! They smell so good don't they?