Thursday, May 10, 2012

Beads of Courage!

Sunday evening we had the opportunity to go see two of our grandchildren perform in a Gloree Musical.  Gloree is a first through fifth grade choir at Pantano Christian Church in Tucson, AZ.

We go the back way and there is a whole lot of this!

And a few of these.

Too bad there isn't a tunnel where that trail is!

But there is no way except to go around to get to the East side of Tucson!

The reward finally comes when we see these kids performing for a cause.  Beads of Courage is an organization that provides comfort to kids with cancer through beads.  You really need to read all about this organization here.  It was started at Phoenix Children's Hospital by a nurse and is now in hospitals all over the country!

The sweet girl in the white shirt with a scarf around her pony tail is granddaughter H.
She's kind of cute, huh?  Of course, I may be a tad bit prejudiced.

Granddaughter L was a bit harder to see.  She's the one in the white shirt with the black tank top under it -- standing in back of taller kids! She's kind of cute too!

Ah, there is a better look at her.  The lady in front of me kept moving her head so I had a really hard time focusing on L.

There's a shot of the banner for Beads of Courage.

There were other cute kids, too.  What do you think, future rock star?

These kids really get into their rolls or is it rock and rolls?  The music was from the 50"s, 60"s, 70's and 80's -- something for everyone!

Can you do that with your arms?  Note the cute pink tutu.
Also a little bit of hair on the lower left - she moved her head!

Maybe the scarf would make a better babushka!

But, these kids!  These fantastic kids raised over $4,000 for Beads of Courage!  Isn't that something!

All I can say is WOW to the performance and the fundraising!

Oh, sorry about the head in the last photo -- I told you she kept moving her head!

Hope you enjoyed this little departure to see some kids doing something worthwhile.  We hear too much about the "bad" kids, here's a bunch of good ones!


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