Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Plans vs. Reality!

This past holiday weekend, the plan was for me to stay with two of my darling grandchildren while their mom, our daughter, Mindy, took their two sisters to Camp Surf in CA on a Girl Scout outing.  The trip had been months in the planning and all went well until Thursday evening when Mindy's body decided to try to pass a 7 mil kidney stone.

L on the left was to go on the trip.  Her goal in life, having just turned 10, is to become a professional surfer.  How she will accomplish this while living in the desert is beyond me!  H, on the right was to stay with me along with her brother C2 shown below.

C2 and L just celebrated their birthdays last week. They were born 3 years and 5 days apart so usually share a family birthday party.

A1 was going on the trip as well, but she avoided the camera at the birthday party!

The plan was for me to arrive in time for dinner with Mindy's husband, Mike, and C2 and H.  An early morning phone call from Mike changed that to, "How soon can you get here we are on our way to ER."

By the time I got there, a two hour drive, plus I was not ready to leave when we received the s.o.s. call, surgery had been scheduled and a replacement G.S. leader with CPR training had been found for Mindy.  The girls left several hours later than planned, but there were no disappointed girls except for A1 and L who had thought their mom would be going, too.

The surgery went well and by midnight Mindy was in her own bed with lots of pain meds!

Since things had not gone as planned, at least one of the outings I had planned for the kids got to be shared with Mindy.  Mike was working the weekend so he got left out -- sorry, Mike!

Culver's concretes were a hit with H and C2.

C2 took a photo of a pale, but smiling Mindy and me.  Perhaps a lesson on composition is in order.  The straw does not enhance the photo too much even if it does match my shirt.

The girls enjoyed Camp Surf and L even "caught a wave and rode it in".  A1 is convinced that the sunburn she got will give her skin cancer, but they loved the experience.  Even though Mindy was disappointed as well as in pain, she said the good part was she got to spend some time with her mom.  The next time, though, she wants me to bring my sewing machine and make curtains for the great room.  If I had known in advance that their Internet was out, I would have taken the sewing machine this trip instead of the computer!

Plans don't always work out as we plan, but good times can be had in spite of the change!

Hope you had a good Memorial Day weekend.  Thank you to all of our veterans!


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julieQ said...

Oh, that is a huge stone, poor baby!! I guess plans are made to change, but kidney stones are no fun!