Monday, May 7, 2012

I remember Mama!

When May rolls around, I can't help but think of my mother.

Of course, Mother's Day is next Sunday, so that is natural.

But, my mother also died in May 18 years ago.  She had cancer.

I miss her.

When we were small girls, our mother taught my sister and me to crochet.

I remember crocheting yards and yards of chains.

Our mother said she learned to crochet when she was a young girl working for a family who had a new baby.  Mom started working for others when she was 13 and gave the money to her dad to help take care of the large family -- there were 15 kids altogether, though by this time they did not all live at home.

(Don't you love the legs of this old Singer Treadle cabinet?  There is no machine in it, I bought the cabinet many years ago thinking my newer Singer would fit in it.  It did not!)

Mom said the lady of the house taught her to do Irish crochet which is apparently more complicated than a lot of crochet as there are raised petals.  I wouldn't know, I've never done any Irish crochet.  I did progress beyond chains, though!

Mom made a crocheted lace collar or two for me.  The crochet is lovely with the pearls, don't you think?  I love the natural shades together.

The little plaque that says mother belonged to my grandmother, I think.  I recently found it in a drawer while looking for something else.

The wording says:


Twas woman felt the first great seed of life take root

--no other--

Her sons and daughters, blessed indeed

--give thanks to God --

for Mother!

May San Giovanni

copyright E. Meyer 1939

If your mother is still with you -- you are blessed!

Tell her you love her!


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julieQ said...

What a sweet post about your mother. I miss mine too, she went to heaven when I was 12...far too soon!!