Thursday, September 8, 2011

September Morn

Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Even here in Arizona even though we don't get the dramatic change in the desert that other parts of the country or even the higher elevations in Arizona get.  The weather begins to change -- a bit.  Okay, so it was still 109 degrees today, but the nights do cool off at least into the 80's.  That may not sound like a change to you, but it is a 30 degree change!  Also, 80 when it's dry feels much cooler than 80 degrees with 90 percent humidity.  You may have to trust me on this one.

Here is my tribute not only to September, but to my all time favorite singer, Neil Diamond, who has a song by the same name.

This is another of the stretched over an artist's canvass pieces I did while living in Montgomery.  The background is the "wrong" side of a piece of fabric that is actually a light olive green on the other side.  (Hey, I paid for both sides, didn't I?)  The back side, however, is this lovely subtle beige print.  The brown on top of that is a place mat.  On top of that are several things.  On the left is a piece of Osnaburg that I put leaves on and then used paint on a toothbrush to "sprinkle" paint in a light coat revealing the leaf shapes once the actual leaves were removed.

On the right there are stencilled leaves with the papers from used tea bags and a leaf skeleton on top of that.  There are beads in leaf shapes as well as cylinder shapes.  In the center the title "September Morn" was printed in brown onto Osnaburg.  The fabric was ironed to freezer paper before going through the ink jet printer.  Usually I use a lighter fabric, but the Osnaburg seemed right for this

Also on the right is a poem about a September Morn.  These are not lyrics from Neil Diamond's September Morn as I didn't want to get into copyright issues.  Everything was stitched through the canvas.  This was a really fun piece to design and do as a tribute to Autumn.

Oh, the Neil Diamond thing?  He's been a favorite since we went to see him in concert when we lived in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area.  We went with our friends Ron and Deanna Reed.  This means it was early 70's as they only lived in the area a short time.  It was an amazing concert!  I absolutely loved it.  I still listen to Neil Diamond CD's having replaced the tapes I used to listen to.  He is on my I-Pod and my computer.  I can listen to him almost anywhere, any time.

Sorry if you don't like his music.  I won't force you to listen to it.  I know music can be added to blogs, but I won't do that.  Well, maybe I will sometime, but not today.

Hope you are having a fantastic September Morn!  (or evening, depending on when you read this!)

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