Wednesday, September 7, 2011

She sells sea shells

We are revisiting the starfish today.  I had to take photos of the way it looks now.  In the previous post, the photos did not have the shell slices on the top. That photo was taken before the piece was completely finished.  So here is the way it looks today.  Oh, by the way did I mention it is about 8-1/2 x 11 inches in size, so not a large piece at all.

You can also see that this time it was photographed on a wood surface.  I wanted you to see that it is primarily made of machine stitches so you actually can see through most of the "quilt".  And, yes, it is a quilt since the starfish is quilted.

The slices of shell were picked up at my favorite beach -- Hobby Lobby.  Though these were "found" at the Hobby Lobby beach in Alabama which really does have a beach at the South edge of the state, I never got there.  The Hobby Lobby beach was really much closer.  Plus they did the slicing.  I might have cut off a finger and then where would I be?  Quilting would be difficult to say the least.

Next time we'll talk about September Morn -- a favorite of mine.

Talk to you soon.


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