Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where I've Been

You may have noticed that it's been a while since I posted.  I had good intentions to post while I was gone, but it was just too busy a time.

My flight was late coming in to Columbus, Ohio from the layover in Chicago.  Before I got to the hotel, the president of The National Quilting Association had called to see where I was.  Most of the rest of the Board of Directors had already arrived and were at Max and Erma's ordering dinner.  My taxi was just around the corner, so I hurried into the hotel, had them store my bags and "hot footed" it over to Max and Erma's for dinner.

Of course, by that time every one else had their dinner in front of them and were well into it.  By the time my wonderful Santa Fe Salad came, they were beginning to leave.  A couple were kind enough to stay while I finished my dinner -- which was delicious -- both the salad and the company!

We stayed at the Red Roof Inn which is near the convention center in Columbus.  It has been recently refurbished.

Don't you love the window treatment?

There are several panels and you can open it panel at a time.  It would make a lovely quilt, don't you think?

The desk was interesting.  In other hotels, there are outlets on top of the desk to accommodate computers and allowing for charging phones, etc.  Not so this desk.  There was only one empty outlet in the multi-outlet on the wall behind the desk.  Hmm, to get to it required almost standing on your head!

You cannot see it in this photo, but the desk is on casters.  You can roll it out away from the wall.  Problem solved.  I just rolled it over to the wall by the bed where there was an easy to reach outlet! 

The other outlet I could not find was for the coffee maker.  When I checked out, I asked about that and was told there was an outlet in the FRONT of the microwave.  Hmmm, I didn't look there.  I didn't use the microwave so had no reason to see what features it had.  Next time I can't find an outlet, I'll look.  It seemed odd that the coffee maker was located on the microwave with no obvious place to plug it in!  I was not alone in this -- one of the other members of the board said she had carried the coffee maker all over her room trying to find a place to plug it in!

The room had two beds.  Perfect for putting the "junk" on one and sleeping in the other.  Not that I got a lot of sleep.  I don't sleep well when I'm out of town.  Columbus is on Eastern Daylight time.  Arizona does not "do" daylight savings time, so we are on Mountain Standard time which is the same as Pacific time for half the year.  Do you find that confusing?  It is!  Since our time doesn't move, we have to remember whether it is two or three hours different from the East coast.  It's only 2:00 PM when East Coast businesses close -- half the year and 3:00 PM the other half!

The meetings were productive.  You will want to make your plans to come to the NQA Annual show in June.  You can see updates on the web site  Be sure to check out the Member Spotlight while you are there -- it will change October 1, so hurry to see Kathy Ward's quilts.

It rained!  Yay!  It rained!  I'm not sure most appreciated it, but rain is so rare here, that a gentle rain is wonderful to me!  Of course, my hair had a hay day.  In AZ, I can keep it smooth.  Add a LOT of humidity and the curls have a mind of their own and say, "Be free!  Curl where you want!"  Not the greatest look!

Today I made Apple Crisp.  You'll get to see it in another post later.  The house smells wonderful from the cinnamon and nutmeg in the crisp.  Are you hungry yet?

Until next time,


julieQ said...

Yes! I want apple crisp! Glad you are home and now can get a good nights!

Lois Arnold said...

The apple crisp was really good! I'll put the recipe on later.