Sunday, September 4, 2011

What a Week or Two!

The past couple of weeks have been hectic to say the least!

I needed 5 arms like this starfish!

Our bookkeeper had an emergency appendectomy. 

We had a LOT of RUSH jobs.

One of our pressmen had a heart attack.

The air conditioning on our car stopped working last Monday -- It was 110!

I did my work, bindery work, some of the bookkeeping, helped Gary on one of the press jobs.  No, I did not run the press, I put deli lids containers that we put holes in back in the plastic sheaths they come in and tied them.  We had 120 cases of these to do with 250 lids in each case.  Actually we are doing 800 cases, but we only had 120 last week to do.

That was in addition to working in the bindery.  We also had to hire some extra help!

Hopefully this week will be better.  Having a lot of work is good, but all the rush jobs at the same time is BAD!

Now, back to the starfish.  This was a study in symmetry.  A starfish has radial symmetry.  This one is fabric, of course.  It has hundreds of French knots.  The lacy background was made by stitching through Solvy -- a product that disappears when soaked in water leaving the stitching.

I'm pretty sure that I added some sliced shells to the top after this photo was taken.  I do that.  I think something is finished and then decide it's not.  It's the way I am.  I think I'm always striving for perfection or something like that.

Since this is the last official Holiday Weekend of the summer many people have headed for the coast.  We didn't.  We are looking forward to having a very quiet day tomorrow before heading back to work on Tuesday.

Oh, the air conditioner got fixed, the bookkeeper came back after a couple weeks off and Tuesday the pressman will come in for a little while anyway.  We did hire someone to help out next week, too.  We don't want to push our pressman too hard!  One heart attack is enough for a while -- he is only in his 40's!

I was going to show you another piece, but I think I'll save it for tomorrow.

Have a wonderful Labor Day!


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